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[Class Photograph of Students at the School in Haslet, Texas]

Description: Photograph of a group of elementary students at the school in Haslet, Texas. The students are arranged in four rows; the first row is seated on the ground, the second and third are seated on a small set of bleachers, and the fourth row is standing behind the first three. The text on the back of the photo describes two children that have appeared in other class photographs from different years.
Date: 1948?

[Haslet High School Baccalaureate Service]

Description: Program from the baccalaureate service for the Haslet High School class of 1941-42; this program outlines the order of events and the names of the people who will be performing each action. Names of the graduating class are listed on the reverse side of the program though not in the order that they walked in.
Date: {1941,1942}

[Photograph of Jerry McCormick and Paul Moon]

Description: Photograph of Jerry McCormick (right) and Paul Moon (left) standing on the side of FM 156 in front of a building with Dr. Pepper and Coca Cola advertisements. There is a car parked behind them and a row of buildings lining the road; according to the back of the photograph the bank is visible in the distant background.
Date: 1950