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[Class Roster for P. J. Gribble at Prairie View School]
Class roster for P. J. Gribble, a teacher at Prairie View School; the names of the children are listed on the second page, and are divided into three different columns.
[Postcard from Odons L. Hudnalls to the Local War Department Board]
Postcard sent from Odons L. Hudnalls to the War Department with his classification filled out.
[Family Portrait of John and Victoria Singleton with their Children]
Family portrait of John B. and Victoria Singleton along with seven of their eleven children. John and Victoria are seated in the center and their children are positioned around them; the youngest children are positioned in the front while the older ones are in the back.
[Photograph of Hanes Filling Station]
Photograph of the old Hanes Filling Station with one car parked under the roof next to the gas pumps; there is a man standing against the tall gas pump on the right side of the building.
[Contract Between J. C. and Ella Willis and the Haslet State Bank Number 1]
Photocopy of a contract prepared between the Haslet State Bank and J. C. Willis and Ella Willis; this document outlines the dimensions of a piece of land establishing the borders of the land.
[Contract Between J. C. and Ella Willis and the Haslet State Bank Number 2]
Photocopy of a General Warranty Deed prepared for J. C. and Ella Willis and Haslet State Bank. This deed specifies the dimensions of a piece of land being sold to the bank and the payment of three hundred dollars to the couple for said land.
[Photograph of Elementary Students by a School]
Photograph of four rows of students standing outside of a school with the teacher and superintendent standing behind them. All four rows of children are standing and most of the boys are wearing overalls while most of the girls are wearing dresses.
[Photograph of Imogene, Mamie Ruth, and Kathryn]
Photograph of three women next to a building, all three are wearing heavy coats. The back of the photograph says that these women are "Imogene, Mamie Ruth, Kathryn" in order from back to front and that the picture was taken on Easter Sunday; another description on the back reads: "Picture made beside Willis Home. Baptist Church in background."
[Photograph of a Car at Hanes Filling Station]
Photograph of an automobile filling up with gas at Hanes Filling Station; this station is small and only has a few pumps available.
[Photograph of Buffalo at Goodnight Buffalo Ranch]
Photograph of buffalo roaming across an open field at Goodnight Buffalo Ranch with Staley Place in the background.
[Photograph of Handlers with a Buffalo]
Photograph of handlers dealing with a buffalo in a large pen; the back of the photograph has a description that reads: "probably Staley Place - similar photos of "Buffalo Killing"."
[Photograph of a Buffalo Killing]
Photograph of a buffalo killing taking place at Staley Place; the buffalo is lying under three large poles and some of the men are working on it with tools. The text on the back of the photo reads: "Buffalo killing at Staley Place Dec 1928 W. S. Burnett center right facing camera."
[Newspaper Clipping of a Buffalo Killing at Staley Place]
Newspaper clipping showing the buffalo killings that took place at Staley Place near Haslet, Texas. The article is entitled "It Takes Real Cowboys for This" and has a large photo of the men working with one of the buffalo carcasses as well as a picture of the "bull of the herd, photographed after he had given his handlers a tough battle in the ranch's corral."
[Photograph of Marie Haney and Vita Freeman]
Photograph of Marie Haney standing with Vita Freeman on the side of a gravel road next to a large building.
[Photograph of Men Skinning a Buffalo]
Photograph of a group of men skinning a buffalo at Staley Place; most of the men are kneeling around the carcass working on the animal. There is a note on the back of the photograph that reads: "Buffalo Killing at Staley Place Dec 1928 Baskon Perkins facing camera."
[Photograph of the Ranch House at Staley Place]
Photograph of the ranch house located on Staley Place; this building has windows all along the right wall, four large windows on the second level wall, a car port on the far right side, and two chimneys sticking out from the roof. There is a note on the back of the photo that reads: "Brick Ranch House on Staley Place 1927 or 1928."
[Photograph of a Buffalo Killing at Staley Place]
Photograph of a group of people standing behind a building at Staley Place while ranch workers work on skinning a buffalo. According to the back of the photograph the group is standing behind the "pump house and smoke house." There are a number of children in the group, though most in attendance are adults but all are wearing heavy coats.
[Photograph of a Group of People at Staley Place]
Photograph of a group of people lined up at Staley Place to watch a buffalo killing; the text on the back of the photo reads: "Peopl at buffalo killing at Staley Place Dec 1928 W. S. Burnett and Dr. Reed of Keller in center."
[Photograph of Two Women on a Bridge]
Photograph of two women hugging while standing on a bridge; both women are wearing dresses and caps over their hair. There is a note on the back of the card that reads: "going for a walk."
[Letter from J. B. Taylor to L. C. Hudnall, April 12, 1930]
Photocopy of a letter from J. B. Taylor of the Haslet Lodge, No. 999 to L. C. Hudnall requesting his presence at an upcoming meeting taking place on April 19, 1930. The letter says at the very end that this meeting was called by "Bro. Thos R. James."
[Photograph of Six Uniformed Basketball Players]
Photograph of six basketball players in uniform standing at the base of a set of stairs; the player in the middle is holding the basketball and the young boy on the far left is wearing a shirt and jeans instead of a uniform. The names of the players are listed on the reverse side of the photograph in order from left to right.
[Photograph of Eight Athletes in Letter Jackets]
Photograph of eight athletes wearing letter jackets with one of the school's teachers in the middle. The boys' names are listed on the reverse side of the card: "Vernon Tucker, Herschel Elkins, Noble Rust, T. J. Elkins, Vernon Erwin, Pete Gray" and "Minie Tindle Cole" the teacher.
[Photograph of the Thresher Crew at Staley Place]
Photograph of a group of men and a few boys in overalls standing outside of a building; the reverse side of the photo has a note that describes the picture as "part of Thresher crew on Staley Place about 1930 part of picture missing."
[Photograph of Clarence Frank and Horce Franks]
Photograph of Clarence Frank and Horce Franks standing with each other; both men are wearing nice shirts and ties. The man on the left is wearing a lightly colored shirt while the one on the right is wearing a darker shade pair of pants and jacket as well as a hat.
[Photograph of First and Second Grade Students]
Photograph of the first and second grade students at an elementary school in Haslet, Texas. There are five rows of children in the picture and the teacher is standing behind them; the names of some of the students are written on the back of the picture along with the names of the teacher, janitor, and superintendent.
[Photograph of Three Boys by a Bicycle]
Photograph of T. J. and Herschel Elkins on their senior trip to Mexico; one of the brothers is seated on a bicycle while the other is standing on the far right. The note on the back of the picture says that the man in the middle is the owner of the bike and is a native of mexico.
[Photograph of an Eighth Grade Basketball Team]
Photograph of an eighth grade basketball team in Haslet, Texas; according to the note on the back of the photograph this was T. J. Elkins' team and his second year playing basketball. The players are lined up behind the coach kneeling down and holding a basketball with "HHS 1934-35" written on the front. The names on the back are of the players and are listed in order from left to right: "T. J. Wilkins, Vernon Tucker, Vernon Erwin, Denzil Meyers, Carlton Cash, Herschel Elkins, Joe Willis, Wayne Gray, W. J. Frank" and the coach "J. R. Williams."
[Photograph of Six Basketball Players]
Photograph of six basketball players seated on a large set of stairs. There are two boys on the far left and right who are not in uniform; the uniformed players are named on the reverse side of the picture from left to right and front row to second row: "Bill Gray, T. J. Elkins, Vernon Erwin, Herschel Elkins, Walter Overstreet, Noble Rust, Pete Gray, Vernon Tucker."
[Notice of Election for Haslet, Texas]
Notice of Election for the city of Haslet, Texas, acknowledging the accuracy of an article published in Quad Town Community News: "a true and correct copy of said published notice."
[Letter from Margaret B. Guy to Tom Ringo, June 16, 1965]
Letter from Margaret B. Guy to Tom Ringo saying that "for the first time incorporated communities up to 500 population can participate in the Community Improvement Program of the Texas Agricultural Service." The letter says that Reagan Brown "can make a group believe they can do anything."
[Memorandum from Reagan Brown to All Community Secretaries, May 31, 1965]
Memorandum from Reagan Brown to "All Community Secretaries, All Extension Agents." The letter continues by saying that unincorporated and incorporated towns are now eligible to participate in the Texas Community Improvement Program.
[Receipt for J. T. Ringo for a Purchased Book, April 21, 1965]
Receipt for J. T. Ringo with the price of a book that he bought, from Joe Wallie Office Supply, Inc., written in the table.
[Photograph of a Children's Play]
Photograph of a children's play taking place on stage; there is a girl being crowned on the stage and a large staircase place at the center of the stage.
[Photograph of a Woman Receiving an Award]
Photograph of two women standing at a podium, one is pinning an award on the other's shoulder. In the foreground there are rows of folding chairs, mostly empty, and one woman sitting on the far right side of the picture.
[Photograph of a Large Gathering of Women Eating a Meal]
Photograph of a large group of women sitting down at large tables and eating a meal.
[Photograph of a Group of Women on Stage]
Photograph of a group of women lined up next to a man on a stage in front of an audience; there is another woman standing at a podium next to the stage. All of the women are wearing nice dresses and the one man on stage is wearing a nice suit.
[Photograph of Men and Women Sitting at Tables]
Photograph of a large gathering of women seated at tables in a room; there is one man seated at the table in the background.
[Newspaper Clipping Concerning the Haslet Mayor]
Newspaper clipping of an article written by Jim W. Jones about the Haslet, Texas mayor Will A. Shaw becomming "city attorney in his neighboring town, Blue Mound."
[Newspaper Clipping Referencing Bill Courington]
Newspaper clipping concerning the recent hiring of Bill Courington as pastor of Haslet Baptist Church. Courington is a "graduate of Mississippi College, and will enroll to work toward a BD at Southwestern Seminary."
[Photograph of a Gathering of Women at a Table]
Photograph of a large gathering of women seating at a long table eating a meal.
[Newspaper Clipping from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram]
Newspaper clipping discussing the upcoming city council meeting in Haslet, Texas; "Will A. Shaw, will preside at the session in the town's fire hall."
[Letter from the Texas State Department of Health to B. L. Nelson & Associates, Inc., August 17, 1970]
Letter from the Texas State Department of Health to B. L. Nelson & Associates, Inc. in regards to their "revised plans and specifications" for the sewage treatment plant and lines proposal. The letter expresses approval of the plan and deems it worth to be sent to the Federal Water Quality Administration "for their review and subsequent approval."
[Newspaper Clipping of an Article About Delton Sewell]
Newspaper clipping of an article honoring Haslet's fire chief, Delton Sewell, after he was awarded "Tarrant County Fire Chief of the Year." The article describes his work and his history of involvement with Bell Helicopter and his being the chief of the volunteer Haslet Department.
[Aerial Photograph of Haslet, Texas in 1983]
Aerial photograph of parts of Haslet, Texas; this photo shows approximately five streets and a number of buildings along them.
[Newspaper Clipping Showing the Haslet Fire Department]
Newspaper clipping with a photograph of the volunteers of the Haslet Fire Department; this department was acknowledged as "Fire Department of the Year." The caption below the picture describes the award ceremony and lists the name of the volunteers from left to right: "Delton "Dale" Sewell...Mayor O. M. Cowart...David Kennedy, Billy Hodges, Dorothy Northington, Ike Pryor, and Ora Luke."
[Newspaper Clipping of an Article in the Star-Telegram]
Newspaper clippings of an article in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, written by Diane Wolfe. The article discusses one of the stories behind the way Haslet, Texas received its name: "When he gave Santa Fe workers the good word, one turned to another and said, "Mahoney has let the railroad come through," thus naming the farming community." The second clipping tells of Roger Cloud's opinions of the growing development in Haslet: "Development is creeping up on Haslet." Finally, the third clipping goes into more detail about the city's expansion and the opinions against the growth: "You really don't worry about it (growth) but you know it will change."
[Newspaper Clipping on an Article by Mark S. Leach]
Newspaper clipping written by Mark S. Leach entitled "In [Haslet], firefighting is burning desire" printed in bold ink. This article details the volunteer Haslet Fire Department including its new fire truck, and the typical work that it does: "During the summer, the department may put out as many as 20 grass fires a month."
[Photograph of the Godbey Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary]
Photograph of the Godbey's cutting their cake during the celebration of their 50th wedding anniversary. The cake has multiple yellow flowers on it made of icing; there is also a bouquet of yellow flowers sitting to the side of the cake.
[Newspaper Clipping Entitled "Airport site neighbors surprised"]
Newspaper clipping of an article written by Mark S. Leach concerning the placement of a new airport near Haslet, Texas. The article discusses the opposition to the proposed airport: "Keller Mayor Nick Powell said the proposal "magnifies our concerns of air safety and noise"."
[Newspaper Clipping with a Photograph of the Future Haslet Post Office]
Newspaper clipping with a large photograph of men working on the parking lot at the new Haslet Post Office in Haslet, Texas; the caption underneath the photograph explains its opening date and the planned celebration. There is a long article printed on the reverse side of this photograph.