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[Photograph of Jerry McCormick and Paul Moon]

Description: Photograph of Jerry McCormick (right) and Paul Moon (left) standing on the side of FM 156 in front of a building with Dr. Pepper and Coca Cola advertisements. There is a car parked behind them and a row of buildings lining the road; according to the back of the photograph the bank is visible in the distant background.
Date: 1950

[Newspaper Article Concerning the First Bale of Cotton in 1949]

Description: Newspaper clipping of an article entitled: "Bell May Get First Bale of 1949 Cotton." This article discusses the first bale of cotton being picked in Tarrant County by Guy Bell, Jr. of Saginaw; the rest of the article discusses his father winning the award in the past and the far that he operates on. The prize for the previous year's winner was "a championship belt buckle, $105 in cash and $25 in merchandise."
Date: 1949

[Photograph of a Group of Young Students]

Description: Class photograph of young students at the school in Haslet, Texas; these students are arranged in three rows, two are seated and those in the third are standing in the back on either side of the teacher. The text on the reverse side of the photograph talks about one of the boys in this picture who may have appeared in another class photograph around the same year.
Date: 1949

[Photograph of Imogene, Mamie Ruth, and Kathryn]

Description: Photograph of three women next to a building, all three are wearing heavy coats. The back of the photograph says that these women are "Imogene, Mamie Ruth, Kathryn" in order from back to front and that the picture was taken on Easter Sunday; another description on the back reads: "Picture made beside Willis Home. Baptist Church in background."
Date: 1924

[Photograph of a Buffalo Killing]

Description: Photograph of a buffalo killing taking place at Staley Place; the buffalo is lying under three large poles and some of the men are working on it with tools. The text on the back of the photo reads: "Buffalo killing at Staley Place Dec 1928 W. S. Burnett center right facing camera."
Date: December 1928

[Newspaper Clipping of a Buffalo Killing at Staley Place]

Description: Newspaper clipping showing the buffalo killings that took place at Staley Place near Haslet, Texas. The article is entitled "It Takes Real Cowboys for This" and has a large photo of the men working with one of the buffalo carcasses as well as a picture of the "bull of the herd, photographed after he had given his handlers a tough battle in the ranch's corral."
Date: January 14, 1929