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[Newspaper Clipping Entitled "Airport site neighbors surprised"]
Newspaper clipping of an article written by Mark S. Leach concerning the placement of a new airport near Haslet, Texas. The article discusses the opposition to the proposed airport: "Keller Mayor Nick Powell said the proposal "magnifies our concerns of air safety and noise"."
[Newspaper Article from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, November 21, 1996]
Newspaper clipping with an article entitled "Small country town keeps legends" printed above a large photograph of an old home built in "1880 from donations from local political candidates and was used as a church and Masonic lodge." The article itself details the history of the town itself, where it got its name, and general events that had taken place over the years. There are other articles on the reverse side of the clipping, one entitled "Police warn of 'inheritance' scam as Fort Worth retiree swindled" and another "Body of stabbing victim found in burning house."
[Photograph of Mayor Blackie Frazier in a Dunking Booth]
Photograph of Mayor Blackie Frazier falling into a dunking booth at a fundraiser put forth by the Haslet Fire Department.
[Photograph of Mayor Blackie Frazier in a Dunking Booth]
Photograph of Mayor Blackie Frazier sitting in a dunking booth after having fallen in; the note on the reverse side of the photo reads: "Saturday June 15, 1996 Fire Dept, Fund Raiser Dunk Tank Mayor Blackie Frazier."
[Newspaper Clippings from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, August 23, 1992]
Two newspaper clippings discussing the town of Haslet, Texas; these two clippings talk about the actions of David Rogers who was "the closest thing Haslet has to a city manager." The second clipping furthers this description of his job and routine as well as the expected boom Haslet was expected to, and in some ways already had, experience.
[Flyer Announcing an Open House at the Haslet Post Office]
Flyer advertising for the open house celebration at the Haslet Pose Office; it details the time and place as well as the items that will be served.
[Newspaper Clipping with a Photograph of the Future Haslet Post Office]
Newspaper clipping with a large photograph of men working on the parking lot at the new Haslet Post Office in Haslet, Texas; the caption underneath the photograph explains its opening date and the planned celebration. There is a long article printed on the reverse side of this photograph.
[Newspaper Clipping from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, December 9, 1985]
Newspaper clipping of an article discussing the expansion of an Arlington six-lane road; the road would disrupt Al Taub's "stone house - complete with outside fountains, waterfalls, curved bridges and Japanese fish." The article on the reverse side deals with the aid collected by the population of Haslet, Texas: "Directly and indirectly, the people of Haslet have raised $65,000 for a 3-year-old girl who needs a costly liver transplant."
[Photograph of Haslet Council Members in the Texas Capitol]
Photograph of some members of the Haslet, Texas city council meeting the Texas House of Representatives Speaker of the House at the capitol in Austin, Texas. There is one woman in the photograph and all of the men are wearing nice suits.
[Newspaper Clipping Showing the Haslet Fire Department]
Newspaper clipping with a photograph of the volunteers of the Haslet Fire Department; this department was acknowledged as "Fire Department of the Year." The caption below the picture describes the award ceremony and lists the name of the volunteers from left to right: "Delton "Dale" Sewell...Mayor O. M. Cowart...David Kennedy, Billy Hodges, Dorothy Northington, Ike Pryor, and Ora Luke."
[Newspaper Clipping of an Article About Delton Sewell]
Newspaper clipping of an article honoring Haslet's fire chief, Delton Sewell, after he was awarded "Tarrant County Fire Chief of the Year." The article describes his work and his history of involvement with Bell Helicopter and his being the chief of the volunteer Haslet Department.
[Newspaper Clipping on an Article by Mark S. Leach]
Newspaper clipping written by Mark S. Leach entitled "In [Haslet], firefighting is burning desire" printed in bold ink. This article details the volunteer Haslet Fire Department including its new fire truck, and the typical work that it does: "During the summer, the department may put out as many as 20 grass fires a month."
[Card Advertising Haslet's 100th Birthday]
Invitation card advertising for Haslet's 100th Birthday celebration; the card says that the celebration will be on August 24th at 1 P. M. Included in this record is a small name strip with the names of the chairman co-chairmen: "Joyce Spark, Lallie Lewis."
[Aerial Photograph of Haslet, Texas in 1983]
Aerial photograph of parts of Haslet, Texas; this photo shows approximately five streets and a number of buildings along them.
[Two Newspaper Clippings from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram]
Two newspaper clippings from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, one with a photograph of a run-down building with the title "Haslet: Home on the county line" printed above in bold and the other with two photographs and a short article. The article describes the history of Haslet, Texas and saying what the town is like at the present time; one photograph shows a man working with large bags of chow, and the other photograph shows a railroad crossing.
[Newspaper Clipping from the North County Messenger, June 25, 1981]
Newspaper clippings from the North County Messenger with a photograph of Betty Young standing in front of "Haslet's new Community Center." The note below the photograph says the center had been funded through federal funds which also funded road construction nearby. There is another photograph on the reverse side showing a woman pointing something out to three children. The second clipping has an article entitled "Multi-purpose Community Center" describing the newly built community center in Haslet, Texas.
[Unidentified group of people]
Photograph of unidentified group of people standing outside of the new Haslet Fire Station. The mixed group of men, women and children are standing alongside FM 156. There is visible a side garage, trees and electric poles in the background. This building is currently still used and it is now Haslet City Hall and offices.
[The News-Tribune Newspaper Clipping from July 30, 1976]
Newspaper clipping from The News-Tribune with an article written by Mrs. H. W. Godbey; on the reverse side there is a sports article written by Jack Murphy. Godbey's article describes the history of Haslet, Texas and says the last cotton gin in town had been sold and how the state of the town had worsened since 1936 when it had "two grocery stores, one notion store, two or three cafes, two filling stations, two cotton gins, three churches, one drug store and a high school." Murphy's article talks mostly about statistics in the National Football League.
[Star-Telegram Newspaper Clipping from May 15, 1975]
Newspaper clipping from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram with an article entitled "Couple Escape Injury in Haslet Tornado." The article says that "Mr. and Mrs. Earl McMillan said they were lucky to be alive after escaping injury when a tornado hopscotched through here yesterday."
[Newspaper Clipping from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, March 21, 1974]
Newspaper clipping with an article entitled "Woman Angry Aout Haslet No-Water Bill." The article goes on to describe Mrs. Alice Laird and her anger over being charged "a minimum water bill of $12.50 a month on each of two rent houses that aren't using any water."
[Newspaper Clipping with a Metro Report by Jim W. Jones, January 7, 1974]
Newspaper clipping with an article written by Jim W. Jones about a lightening strike that "knocked out the electric pump on the water well."
[Newspaper Clipping from Haslet's Carnival]
Newspaper clipping with a photograph of two children in fake crowns; the caption on the bottom reads: "Haslet's Carnival king and queen, Pam Lewallen and Danny Tollett were crowned Saturday night during the annual PTO Halloween Carnival."
[Newspaper Clipping with Two Articles from February 4, 1971]
Newspaper clipping with two articles one entitled "Haslet Has First Garbage Service" and the other "U.S. Messes Up Haslet Census." The article on the left discusses the implementation of Haslet's first garbage collection service; the article on the right says that the "U.S. Census Bureau announced in Washington that Haslet's population is 2,276."
[Letter from the Texas State Department of Health to B. L. Nelson & Associates, Inc., August 17, 1970]
Letter from the Texas State Department of Health to B. L. Nelson & Associates, Inc. in regards to their "revised plans and specifications" for the sewage treatment plant and lines proposal. The letter expresses approval of the plan and deems it worth to be sent to the Federal Water Quality Administration "for their review and subsequent approval."
[Class Roster for P. J. Gribble at Prairie View School]
Class roster for P. J. Gribble, a teacher at Prairie View School; the names of the children are listed on the second page, and are divided into three different columns.
[Contract Between J. C. and Ella Willis and the Haslet State Bank Number 2]
Photocopy of a General Warranty Deed prepared for J. C. and Ella Willis and Haslet State Bank. This deed specifies the dimensions of a piece of land being sold to the bank and the payment of three hundred dollars to the couple for said land.
[Family Portrait of John and Victoria Singleton with their Children]
Family portrait of John B. and Victoria Singleton along with seven of their eleven children. John and Victoria are seated in the center and their children are positioned around them; the youngest children are positioned in the front while the older ones are in the back.
[Haslet High School Baccalaureate Service]
Program from the baccalaureate service for the Haslet High School class of 1941-42; this program outlines the order of events and the names of the people who will be performing each action. Names of the graduating class are listed on the reverse side of the program though not in the order that they walked in.
Photograph of three visible headstones. The most prominent headstone reads: "Mother/ Martha Elizabeth Moon/ Apr. 20, 1867/ Feb. 2, 1934/ A sleep with Jesus." There are two shovels visible to the left of the central headstone. In the top right corner there is barely visible a fence and dirt road.
Photograph of three full visible headstones. There is a partial view of two headstones on the right hand side of the photograph. The prominent head stone is for Robert E. Moon and the dates listed on the headstone are November 4, 1863 and November 1, 1908. There are several trees in the background. In the foreground there is visible a bouquet of flowers and two shovels.
[Newspaper Article Describing Dr. J. H. Gammill's Tax Aid]
Newspaper clipping of an article describing the helpful actions of Dr. J. H. Gammill; he says that taxes "are a solemn obligation." Dr. Gammill had done a lot for Haslet and the people in it, one story in the article says that he occasionally "pays a neighbor's tax bill himself."
[Newspaper Clipping of an Article in the Star-Telegram]
Newspaper clippings of an article in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, written by Diane Wolfe. The article discusses one of the stories behind the way Haslet, Texas received its name: "When he gave Santa Fe workers the good word, one turned to another and said, "Mahoney has let the railroad come through," thus naming the farming community." The second clipping tells of Roger Cloud's opinions of the growing development in Haslet: "Development is creeping up on Haslet." Finally, the third clipping goes into more detail about the city's expansion and the opinions against the growth: "You really don't worry about it (growth) but you know it will change."
[Newspaper Clipping of Facts About Haslet, Texas]
Newspaper clipping with a number of facts about the town of Haslet, Texas. Each fact listed contains information about the city's finances, population, and a list of the city officials/personnel.
[Newspaper Clipping Showing Haslet City Officials in Austin]
Newspaper clipping with a photograph of some of the Haslet city officials visiting the Texas House of Representatives in Austin, Texas. The caption below the photograph says that the group "flew to the capitol Thursday morning, observed the legislature, and had lunch in the Speaker's apartment with Lewis and his wife." Below this the names of the people are listed from left to right.
[Photograph of a Car at Hanes Filling Station]
Photograph of an automobile filling up with gas at Hanes Filling Station; this station is small and only has a few pumps available.
[Photograph of a Classroom at Haslet Elementary School]
Photograph taken inside a classroom at Haslet Elementary School in Haslet, Texas. This picture shows all of the children sitting at their desks looking over their left shoulders back at the camera; the teacher is standing at the front of the room holding a large book in her hands.
[Photograph of an Eighth Grade Basketball Team]
Photograph of an eighth grade basketball team in Haslet, Texas; according to the note on the back of the photograph this was T. J. Elkins' team and his second year playing basketball. The players are lined up behind the coach kneeling down and holding a basketball with "HHS 1934-35" written on the front. The names on the back are of the players and are listed in order from left to right: "T. J. Wilkins, Vernon Tucker, Vernon Erwin, Denzil Meyers, Carlton Cash, Herschel Elkins, Joe Willis, Wayne Gray, W. J. Frank" and the coach "J. R. Williams."
[Photograph of Elementary Students by a School]
Photograph of four rows of students standing outside of a school with the teacher and superintendent standing behind them. All four rows of children are standing and most of the boys are wearing overalls while most of the girls are wearing dresses.
[Photograph of Hanes Filling Station]
Photograph of the old Hanes Filling Station with one car parked under the roof next to the gas pumps; there is a man standing against the tall gas pump on the right side of the building.
[Photograph of Jack Smith in a Firefighter's Uniform]
Photograph of Jack Smith, fire chief of the Haslet Fire Department for 20 years; Smith is posing in front of one of the fire trucks used by the department.
[Report Created by Mrs. Scott Wilson]
Report created by Mrs. Scott Wilson describing the PTA meetings that took place in Haslet from 1965 to 1966. This report says that the group met "regularly at 7:30 p.m. the second Monday night of each month," as well as listing the officers and committee chairmen of the association. At the bottom she lists out the "money making projects" that include: "Sock Hop, Thanksgiving Dinner, Basketball Tournament."
[Unidentified farm]
Photograph of an unidentified farm. In the photo there is a white fence, farm home and barn. There is visible a chimney, windows, doors and a tree.
[Letter from Reagan Brown to All County Extension Agents, May 27, 1969]
Letter from Reagan Brown to all of the county extension agents of the Texas counties involved in the Texas Community Improvement Program. The letter says that the contest has come to a close and the winners were "Crawford, McClennan County- $550, Gober, Fannin County - $450, Quitaque, Briscoe County - $350, and Haslet, Tarrant County - $250." He finishes by congratulating all of the contestants and encourages all to "Brighten the Corner Where You Are."
[Newspaper Clipping Entitled "Haslet to Honor Prodding Grandma for Contest Help"]
Newspaper clipping with a an article entitled "Haslet to Honor Prodding Grandma for Contest Help." The author of this article, Jim W. Jones, says that the grandma will be honored for "prodding that town into taking first in the district and fourth in the state in a community self-betterment contest." The woman's name is Lallie Lewis and she is receiving her own appreciation day.
[Newspaper Article Saying Haslet was Buying a Pumper Truck]
Newspaper article saying Haslet, Texas was buying a new pumper truck; there are three photographs on the paper that depict the volunteers of the department, the hose brigade, and the Haslet Fire Hall. The text in the article describes the formation of the department and a short paragraph about the Newark Volunteer Fire Department.
[Photograph of a Crowd at a Community Meeting]
Photograph of a large crowd sitting in a room; this crowd is full of men and women and even a few younger boys. According to the note on the back of the picture, this was "part of crowd at one meeting, Community Improvement Program."
[Newspaper Article Entitled "Haslet Improved Group Wins Second Place"]
Newspaper clipping of an article entitled: "Haslet Improvement Group Wins Second Place." This article describes the placements of different groups in Haslet in the community improvement contest: "Graves presented a plaque to the president in commemoration of our achievement of being second place winner in the district." The article on the reverse side is entitled "Watauga Acts to Seek Larger Line" and discusses the city's attempt to "install a larger trunk line as part of the city's water supply."
[Newspaper Article Entitled "Friday April 25 Big Day for Haslet"]
Newspaper clipping with an article entitled "Friday April 25 Big Day for Haslet" printed in bold print. This article talks about the contest that the town entered sponsored by the Texas Electric Company and that April 25, 1968 is the day when the judges come to town and judge the winners of the contest. Later, the article describes the improvements made throughout the town during the span of time it was involved.
[Newspaper Article Entitled "Haslet Puts On Sunday Best"]
Newspaper clipping with an article entitled "Haslet Puts On Sunday Best." The article goes on to explain the judging taking place in Haslet, Texas as part of the Texas Community Improvement Program: "Haslet is one of four finalists of 303 entries in the program sponsored by the Texas Agricultural Extension Service." The photograph in the corner shows Mrs. Maud Anna Ritchey presenting flowers to the three judges of the competition.
[Newspaper Article Entitled "Tarrant's Own Podunk (Haslet Among Top 4 in Improvement"]
Newspaper clipping with an article entitled "Tarrant's Own Podunk (Haslet) Among Top 4 in Improvements." This article goes through the improvements that Haslet made during the competition different communities entered into to see who could improve their towns the most. Mrs. E. R. Lewis is the main spokeswoman in this article and she says that "families are starting to move back to Haslet," after the community got smaller due to Fort Worth's growth.