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[Unidentified man]

Description: Photograph of an unidentified man standing in front of a brick column, attached to a building that is only partially visible. He is wearing a hat and a mechanic’s uniform and is holding an unidentified object in his hands. There are automobiles, electrical poles, gas station sign and buildings visible in the background. There is a partial view of an automobile that the man is standing next to. A shadow of a woman can be seen on the bottom left hand side of the photograph.
Date: 1930?
Item Type: Photograph

[Young man holding binoculars]

Description: Photograph of a young man holding binoculars and standing in front of a wooden, fold-out chair. Two wooden buildings are visible in the background. He is standing on a dirt road and is wearing a cowboy hat, collared buttoned shirt, slacks and black shoes.
Date: 1930?
Item Type: Photograph

[Newspaper Article Concerning the Construction of a New School]

Description: Newspaper article concerning the plans for the construction of a new high school near Justin, Texas, specifically a "mile west of the intersection of State Highway 114 and Farm Road 156." There is already a "deep water well which will give the school an abundant supply," and there will be the latest technology in the science rooms and home economics classes.
Date: 1950
Item Type: Clipping

[Newspaper Article Describing Dr. J. H. Gammill's Tax Aid]

Description: Newspaper clipping of an article describing the helpful actions of Dr. J. H. Gammill; he says that taxes "are a solemn obligation." Dr. Gammill had done a lot for Haslet and the people in it, one story in the article says that he occasionally "pays a neighbor's tax bill himself."
Date: 194u
Item Type: Clipping

[Class Photograph of Students at the School in Haslet, Texas]

Description: Photograph of a group of elementary students at the school in Haslet, Texas. The students are arranged in four rows; the first row is seated on the ground, the second and third are seated on a small set of bleachers, and the fourth row is standing behind the first three. The text on the back of the photo describes two children that have appeared in other class photographs from different years.
Date: 1948?
Item Type: Photograph

[Haslet High School Baccalaureate Service]

Description: Program from the baccalaureate service for the Haslet High School class of 1941-42; this program outlines the order of events and the names of the people who will be performing each action. Names of the graduating class are listed on the reverse side of the program though not in the order that they walked in.
Date: {1941,1942}
Item Type: Text

[Newspaper Headline for a Soldier Receiving a Medal]

Description: Newspaper clipping of an article entitled: "Bronze Star is Awarded to Vet for War Exploits." The article says that Hewitt C. Laird won the Bronze Star for "heroic achievement" during World War II in Germany. The photograph shows Captain John R. Beneventi attaching the medal to Laird's chest.
Date: 1945
Item Type: Clipping

[Photograph of Children at a School in Haslet, Texas]

Description: Photograph showing a group of elementary school students in Haslet, Texas. This group is arranged into three rows, the first two are seated and the third is standing up behind them; the teacher of the class is seated on the far right in the second row.
Date: [1945..1947]
Item Type: Photograph

[Report Card to Cloy Hudnall]

Description: Report card sent to the parents of Cloy Hudnall that contains his grades for attendance, math, spelling, history, etc. The teacher, Mary Cantrell, signed the card on the line below the fold.
Date: [1901..1902]
Item Type: Report

[Photograph of Jerry McCormick and Paul Moon]

Description: Photograph of Jerry McCormick (right) and Paul Moon (left) standing on the side of FM 156 in front of a building with Dr. Pepper and Coca Cola advertisements. There is a car parked behind them and a row of buildings lining the road; according to the back of the photograph the bank is visible in the distant background.
Date: 1950
Item Type: Photograph

[Photograph of Jerry McCormick and Jack Moon]

Description: Photograph of Jerry McCormick and Jack Moon standing on the side of FM 156 in front of a line of buildings along the road. Haslet State Bank can be seen in the distant background as the last building in the line.
Date: 1958?
Item Type: Photograph