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[The Duckens Family Singers]

Description: Photograph of the Duckens Family Singers at the Texas Folklife Festival. A group of nineteen African-American family members, men and women, are posing for the photograph on the grass in front of a wooden building. Some of them are kneeling down in the front but most of them are standing. Each member is either wearing a blue t-shirt that says, "Duckens Family", or just a plain blue shirt. Most of them are smiling.
Date: [1988-08-04..1988-08-07]

[The Now Singers Performing]

Description: Photograph of The Now Singers performing onstage at the Texas Folklife Festival. There are four members visible, one man and three women, all standing next to each other and singing into their own microphone. The man is on the left wearing a white shirt and jeans, singing with his eyes closed. The woman to the right of him is wearing a floral jumpsuit. The two other women are wearing blouses and cropped pants. Behind them is a banner that says, "The Now Singers," and has an image of a cross. A canopy of greenery is hanging overhead.
Date: [1988-08-04..1988-08-07]