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[Project SER Sponsored Menudo Booth]

Description: Slide of a booth serving menudo (a Mexican soup) that is sponsored by Project SER at the Texas Folklife Festival. There are three men to the right posing for the picture. They are standing next to a table where menudo-filled foam bowls are sitting. Behind them are men operating the booth. In the background are people walking in a walkway.
Date: [1974-09-12..1974-09-15]

[Entrance to Mexican Market]

Description: Slide of the Mexican Market of the Texas Folklife Festival. This is a sampler of "Night in Old San Antonio" sponsored by the San Antonio Conservation Society. The entrance is bright red with a red and yellow sign overhead. There is a yellow flower painted on it with 1974 in blue painted in the center. Above the flower is the word "mercado" (Spanish for "market") painted in green letters.
Date: [1974-09-12..1974-09-15]

[Group Making Paper Flowers]

Description: Slide of Lose Admiradores at the Texas Folklife Festival making paper flowers. A few members are standing while they make paper flowers. The group is working at a table that has an arrangement of large finished flowers in a container. Behind the table are glass panels where "flores" is written, meaning "flowers" in English.
Date: [1974-09-12..1974-09-15]