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[Woman Frying Hush Puppies]

Description: Slide of Johanna Olander Wimberly from Austin, Texas frying hush puppies made from meal from a grist mill at the Texas Folklife Festival. She is standing in the background next to two deep fryers. Behind the fryers is a table with bowls, pots and so on. In front of Wimberly's booth is a table where a young girl is waiting for hush puppies. Behind the booth is a large sign advertising Wimberly's hush puppies.
Date: [1974-09-12..1974-09-15]

[Rocco Avery's Texas Plants Display]

Description: Slide of native Texan plants laid out on white sheets ground in the foreground and on a table in the background. There are three people leaning over the plants to learn more about the plants. In the background behind the table of plants are two women each holding a child and a young girl is with them as well. On a fence behind them is a sign stating that this display belongs to Rocco Avery. This was taken at the Texas Folklife Festival.
Date: [1974-09-12..1974-09-15]

[Tigua Craftsman at Work]

Description: Slide of a man of the Tigua tribe sitting at a table with a pile of tools to his right. There also is a container of liquid on his left next to rag. He is leaning over, concentrating on maneuvering his hands. This was taken at the Texas Folklife Festival.
Date: [1974-09-12..1974-09-15]