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[Women of the Ukrainian Dancers of Houston Performing]

Description: Photograph of the Ukrainian Folk Dancers of Houston performing onstage at the Texas Folklife Festival. Seven women are in a circle formation with their hands joined, facing outward as they rotate clockwise. They are wearing floral wreaths on their heads, white blouses under long vests, multi-layer checkered skirts, and knee-high boots. In the background, a crowd of spectators is gathered at the edge of the stage.
Date: [1977-08-04..1977-08-07]

[Women Quilting]

Description: Photograph of two women quilting at the Texas Folklife Festival. They are seated at a table on which a quilt is spread out. The woman on the right is elderly and is wearing a thimble on her middle finger and pushing a needle through one square on the quilt. The woman on the left is pulling a thread taut. A pair of scissors, a spool of thread, and a pair of sunglasses are laying on top of the quilt.
Date: [1977-08-04..1977-08-07]
Creator: Smith, Jim

[Wurstfest Opa Band Performing]

Description: Photograph of the Wurstfest Opa Band performing onstage at the Texas Folklife Festival. The band is all men, dressed in gray lederhosen, red ties, and knee-high socks. There are two accordionists, a saxophone player, a trumpeter, a man playing a snare drum, and a tuba player. At the far left, a couple dressed in traditional folk-wear are dancing together.
Date: [1977-08-04..1977-08-07]

[Young Lebanese Girl Dancing]

Description: Photograph of Nadine Mery, a young Ameleb Club Lebanese dancer, performing at the Texas Folklife Festival. She has long dark hair and is wearing a red belly dancing outfit as she dances onstage, moving her hips and waving her arms and hands around in a fluid motion. Spectators are watching from beside the stage, including some men in uniform.
Date: [1977-08-04..1977-08-07]

[Young Mexican Folk Dancer Posing for Photo]

Description: Photograph of one of the Mexican folk dancers at the Texas Folklife Festival. The young girl is smiling and wearing a long purple and orange floral-patterned skirt with a matching cropped top. She is also wearing a green sash around her neck, purple earrings, and a purple flower in her ponytail.
Date: [1977-08-04..1977-08-07]

[Young Spanish Folk Dancers]

Description: Photograph of the Spanish folk dancers performing at the Texas Folklife Festival. A group of young girls are dancing onstage wearing big colorful skirts and cropped blouses with big sleeves that tie at the chest. They are twirling their skirts with one hand and waving their other hand in the air. Some spectators are visible offstage in the background.
Date: [1977-08-04..1977-08-07]

[Zaragoza Guajardo Next to Log Cabin]

Description: Photograph of musician Zaragoza Guajardo, fiddle player with the Devine Music Makers, at the Texas Folklife Festival. He is standing with his arm propped against the side of a log cabin where a cow skull is hanging. He is wearing a white shirt and gold-rimmed glasses. He has a receding gray hairline and dark eyebrows.
Date: [1977-08-04..1977-08-07]