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Blackshear School Faculty

Description: Copy print of faculty of the Blackshear School of Austin, TX in the early 1950s seated in the school library. A painting of children reading hangs behind them.
Date: 1950~

Blackshear School Students

Description: Copy print of students of the Blackshear School of Austin, TX in the early 1940s. Names written on the photo include: R. Corley and Rice (the principal).
Date: 1940~

Bride and Groom

Description: Photograph of a bride and groom standing outside the church.
Date: unknown

T. C. Calhoun

Description: Portrait of T. C. Calhoun, the second principal of Kealing Junior High School in Austin, TX in 1935 .
Date: 1935

Carl Walker

Description: Photograph of Carl Walker sitting at a desk, reading a book. There are seals hanging on the wall behind him and a U.S. flag. Walker of Houston became the first negro in the south to be appointed an assistant United States District Attorney. A graduate of Texas Southern University Law School, his appointment in 1961 was to the southern district of Texas.
Date: unknown

Douglass Club Members

Description: Photograph of members of the Douglass Club, an organization promoting the study of literature and philanthropy.
Date: unknown

Ebenezer Baptist Church - Concord Choir

Description: Photograph of Concord Choir at Ebenezer Baptist Church. Barbara Seidel Medearis was the Choir Director of the Concord Choir, a school teacher and the mother of four children. She is on the far left. Her mother, Ethel Taylor was a musician for the church for many years. The family lived in the Blacklands Neighborhood on Leona Street in East Austin.
Date: unknown