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Blackshear School Faculty

Description: Copy print of faculty of the Blackshear School of Austin, TX in the early 1950s seated in the school library. A painting of children reading hangs behind them.
Date: 1950~

Blackshear School Students

Description: Copy print of students of the Blackshear School of Austin, TX in the early 1940s. Names written on the photo include: R. Corley and Rice (the principal).
Date: 1940~

Bride and Groom

Description: Photograph of a bride and groom standing outside the church.
Date: unknown

T. C. Calhoun

Description: Portrait of T. C. Calhoun, the second principal of Kealing Junior High School in Austin, TX in 1935 .
Date: 1935

Carl Walker

Description: Photograph of Carl Walker sitting at a desk, reading a book. There are seals hanging on the wall behind him and a U.S. flag. Walker of Houston became the first negro in the south to be appointed an assistant United States District Attorney. A graduate of Texas Southern University Law School, his appointment in 1961 was to the southern district of Texas.
Date: unknown

Douglass Club Cake

Description: Photograph of a decorated cake for the Douglass Club 1906. The Douglass Club is an organization promoting the study of literature and philanthropy.
Date: unknown

Douglass Club Members

Description: Photograph of members of the Douglass Club, an organization promoting the study of literature and philanthropy.
Date: unknown

Dr. Herman A. Barnett

Description: Photograph of Dr. Herman Barnett garbed for surgery and looking at some medical equipment while he holds a gas mask over a patient's face. Dr. Barnett was the first African American to be admitted to the University of Texas Medical school, graduated with honors in 1953. He is the first native Texas African American to graduate from a Texas medical school and be licensed to practice in Texas.
Date: unknown

Ebenezer Baptist Church - Concord Choir

Description: Photograph of Concord Choir at Ebenezer Baptist Church. Barbara Seidel Medearis was the Choir Director of the Concord Choir, a school teacher and the mother of four children. She is on the far left. Her mother, Ethel Taylor was a musician for the church for many years. The family lived in the Blacklands Neighborhood on Leona Street in East Austin.
Date: unknown

Ebenezer Baptist Church - Men at Building Dedication

Description: Photograph of men signing contract for building the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Austin, TX on August 8, 1955. Included are (seated): U.S Fowler, Secretary of Trustee Board; Charles Fowler of Fowler Electric; Troy Ragland, Gemeral Contractor; J.D. Young of Young and Pratt, Heating Contractors; T.C. Calhoun, Chairman of Trustees; U.S. Gregg, Assistant Church Clerk; (standing): Robert L. Rowe, Pastor; W.B. Campbell, Church Treasurer; Walter J. Jones, Trustee and Building Committee Member; Perry Edmondson, Chairman of Deacon Board and Building Committee; C.H. Walker, Trustee; G.B. Arnold, Trustee.
Date: unknown