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Joshua West Sr. Contractor

Description: Photograph of a new home under construction; the building appears to be mostly finished, although the doors and windows are open. A man is visible inside the house and a ladder is propped against the roof to the right. A sign in front of the building lists Joshua West, Sr. as the contractor.
Date: unknown

Joshua West Sr. Contractor

Description: Photograph of a new home under construction. Several men are standing in front of the house which is still only a frame. Two of the men appear to be working on the building and three others on the left of the photograph are looking at a piece of paper. A sign in the foreground lists Joshua West, Sr. as the contractor.
Date: unknown

William Ross, His family, and His Tailoring Business

Description: Photo of William Ross and his family. The group is posed together around a bench. Title: The History of William Ross and His Tailoring Business. Short biography of the business of William Ross an Austin, TX tailor. Image of the Ross family business. Title: Giant Oaks From Little Acorns Grow: The William Ross Story. A biography of William Ross.
Date: unknown

Fanny Mae Tyson Caldwell's Funeral Service Bulletin

Description: The bulletin from the funeral service for Fanny Mae Tyson Caldwell at St. John Regular Baptist Association Tabernacle. Mrs. Caldwell was a long-time educator in Pflugerville, TX. Included in the bulletin are: one of her favorite poems, "The House by the Side of the Road", the order of the service, her obituary, a Litany of Gratitude in her honor, and a family tribute.
Date: May 14, 2004

Ebenezer Baptist Church - Men at Building Dedication

Description: Photograph of men signing contract for building the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Austin, TX on August 8, 1955. Included are (seated): U.S Fowler, Secretary of Trustee Board; Charles Fowler of Fowler Electric; Troy Ragland, Gemeral Contractor; J.D. Young of Young and Pratt, Heating Contractors; T.C. Calhoun, Chairman of Trustees; U.S. Gregg, Assistant Church Clerk; (standing): Robert L. Rowe, Pastor; W.B. Campbell, Church Treasurer; Walter J. Jones, Trustee and Building Committee Member; Perry Edmondson, Chairman of Deacon Board and Building Committee; C.H. Walker, Trustee; G.B. Arnold, Trustee.
Date: unknown

Mr. and Mrs. James Edward Hill - Golden Wedding Anniversary

Description: Photograph of Mr. and Mrs. James Edward Hill admiring their anniversary wedding cake; they were married October 7, 1933 in Creedmoor, TX and celebrated their golden anniversary on Saturday, October 8, 1983. A reception was hosted by their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren at the Howard Johnson Motor Lodge in Austin, TX. They have 17 grandchildren and 8 great grandchildren.
Date: October 8, 1983