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G.W. Norman School
Written information about the G.W. Norman Elementary School in Austin, TX.
W.H. Passon Historical Society Pamphlet
Pamphlet about the W.H. Passon Historical Society in Austin, TX. The society's goal is the preservation of black history in the Austin area.
Hobart Taylor, Jr.
Hobart Taylor, Jr. was educated in Houston and at Prairie View A&M College and traveled to Washington D.C. as the President's Committee on Equal Employment Opportunity. He later became a special counsel to President Johnson and in 1965 was appointed a director of the Import-Export Bank.
Mahala Murchison
A short biography about Mahala Murchison, the first African American to live in Austin, TX.
Communion Glasses in Tray
Communion glasses and tray from First Baptist Church at the W. H. Passon Historical Society.
Kealing Junior High
Written information about Kealing Junior High School in Austin, TX.
Letter from Governor George W. Bush
Letter congratulating First Baptist Church on its 130th Anniversary from Governor George W. Bush.
Letter from State Senator Gonzalo Barrientos
Letter from State Senator of District 14 Gonzalo Barrientos, supporting First Baptist Church on its project to record their history as the oldest Baptist church for African- Americans.
Letter from U.S. Representative Lloyd Doggett
Letter to the Grant Review Committee in support of First Baptist Church from U.S. Representative Lloyd Daggett.
Communion Cap from 1900
Communion cap circa 1900.
Letter from Kirk Watson, Mayor of Austin
Letter from Austin Mayor Kirk Watson, supporting Ernestine Thompson and First Baptist Church on its project to chronicle its 133 year past.