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[Rye Valley School 1886-1888]

Description: Photocopy of a group of students of varying ages posed on the porch of a wooden building. Several of the children sitting on a bench in the foremost row are barefoot and most are holding hats in their laps. Older students are standing to the right in the top row, most of them young women in long-sleeved, patterned dresses with their hair tied up in buns. A young man is standing to the left of the top row, wearing a dark suit.
Date: [1886..1888]

[Goldthwaite Fire 1892]

Description: Photograph of a wide open area in part of the town of Goldthwaite, with buildings in the background. A group of several people standing together and a person driving a horse-drawn car are visible in the mid-ground, and a few individuals are visible throughout the background. The photo was taken from an elevated point, with railroad tracks visible in the foreground. Handwriting at the top of the photo reads, "Goldthwaite first fire of 1892-" and "1st big fire 1892". Handwriting on the back of th… more
Date: 1892

[Goldthwaite Cornet Band 1892]

Description: Photograph of a group of men standing in a single row in a field with trees and tall grass visible in the background. Each is holding either a brass or drum instrument, except for the man sixth from the left who is holding a small conductor baton by his side. "Goldthwaite Cornet Band, May 11th 1892" is printed on the bottom edge of the photo. The men are listed on the back from left to right as "B. A. Harris, Fred Peck, Will Gresham, James Lammers, J. D. Urqhart, Mr. Boyer "Teacher", Joe A. Pri… more
Date: May 11, 1892
Creator: Jones, Bob

[Goldthwaite High School About 1895]

Description: Photograph of a classroom full of students, with some sitting in desks and others standing in the back of the room, while empty desks are visible in the foreground. Several hats are hanging on the wall in the background, to the right of a long chalkboard. A bookcase sits in the corner in the background, and two windows are visible on the wall to its right. Handwriting on the top edge of the mat reads, "G.H.S. about 1895". A few of the people in the photo are identified by printed labels adhered… more
Date: 1895~

[Julius Kauhs Family, 1897 Bulls Creek]

Description: Photocopy of a family of nine posed outdoors and dressed in dark attire, except for two toddlers wearing light colored dresses. A wooden house with a small, covered porch is in the background, and a dog is laying on the ground to the left. Text on the bottom edge reads, "Julius Kauhs Family - About 1897 Bulls Creek". Names of some of the members are written on the back.
Date: 1897~

[Mr. Ruben Albert Harris with Family, ~1898]

Description: Photograph of the Harris family posed on their property, with four women and a young boy in light colored shirt and dresses on the left, and seven other members mostly in darker clothing on the right. A dark and light patched dog is vsible in the bottom right corner, and a house with a steep-pitched roof and scalloped trim on its porch is visible in the background, along with windmill to the back left. A printed label adhered to the bottom edge of the photo mat reads, "Mr Ruben seated fought in… more
Date: 1898~

[Lookout Mountain School Students]

Description: Photograph of students of various ages posed in roughly five rows outside of a wooden building with a broken window visible in the center top of the photo. Many of the boys are wearing dark suits and ties and the girls are all wearing long sleeved dresses of various patterns. Two boys in the middle of the foremost row are barefoot. Two students are identified on the back of the photo as Willis Harris and Emma Harris.
Date: March 16, 1898

[Goldthwaite Public School Student 1898]

Description: Photograph of a group of students of varying ages gathered together outside the entrance-way to a stone building. Two girls are inside the building, sitting on the edge of an open window to the right of the entrance way. The window to the left of the entrance is partially opened. "1898" is written in pencil above the top right corner of the photo on the mat. "Goldthwaite, Texas Public School. Sept. 15th 1898" is written twice on the back.
Date: September 15, 1898

[Roller Mills in Goldthwaite, Texas]

Description: Photograph of a two-story flour mill with an upside down star painted on one side along with the name, "Roller Mills." A group of people are standing in and around the foreground of the mill, some visible in the doorway and in the open windows. Text written on the top of the mat reads, "Goldthwaite Roller Flour Mill, started May 26,1899". Names written on the back of the photo mat read, "Reading from left to wright [sic]- Bart Potter, Evelyn Priel, Jack Larswall, Miss Peck, Nellie Hiller, Lesli… more
Date: June 1899
Creator: Jones, Bob

[Early 1900s Goldthwaite Businesses]

Description: Photocopy of a row of businesses in Goldthwaite, Texas that begin on a street corner in the right foreground and lead back into the left background. The foremost building is two stories, made of stone, and has signage for a bank and a law office. Two power line poles are on the edge of the street by the bank building, and people are visible throughout the street walking and driving horse-drawn carts. "Goldthwaite, Tx." is written in the bottom right corner, and a label that reads, "Early 1900's… more
Date: [1900..1915]

[Priddy, Texas, Cotton Gin]

Description: Photograph of a cotton gin farm with several wagons full of cotton being pulled by horses or mules visible alongside workers in the foreground. Two barn-like structures are side by side in the mid ground to the left, and a large field is visible in the distant background.
Date: 1900
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