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[Five People With a Car]

Description: Photograph of five people, two women and three men, standing in front of a car. The women are wearing dresses with long skirts and there is a suitcase on the ground in front of one of the women. The car has a canvas top with open sides and appears to be an early 20th century model.
Date: unknown

Footsteps Across The Years

Description: Compilation of historical information about events happening in and around Kerrville, Texas, coinciding with national events or historical periods. It includes a list, at the end, of persons or families that moved to Kerrville before 1925 and still had descendants living in the county at the time of publication.
Date: March 1976
Creator: Furman, Elizabeth

The History of Eastern Kerr County, Texas

Description: Book describing the history of communities in eastern Kerr County, Texas: "The book is a combination of a brief Texas history, a section from the Kerr County records, and a compilation of family histories and short stories that trace this portion of the county's ancestry" (back cover). Topics include a history of churches, schools and clubs of the area. The index starts on page 234.
Date: 1986
Creator: Witt, Prentice Gerald

The History of The Mexican Patriotic Celebrations Held in Kerrville, Texas from 1923-2003.

Description: Book describing the Mexican-American community in Kerrville, Texas, with a focus on their patriotic celebrations. It includes biographical sketches of relevant families, persons, and committees, clubs, and other organizations, as well as descriptions of celebrations by year and other related events. The book includes compiled supplementary documentation from public records, newspaper articles and photographs.
Date: 2015
Creator: Puig, Robert Guerrero
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Hospital On The Hill

Description: A twenty-nine minute narrated video/slide history of the Kerrville State Hospital. The hospital roots in the treatment of tuberculosis are detailed including its development as the Kerrville State Sanatorium for Negroes in 1937, and the final status today as the Kerrville State Hospital for mental health. Interviews of former patients and staff are included.
Date: February 20, 2001
Duration: 29 minutes 15 seconds
Creator: Mosty, Mark; Lewis, Sylvia; Threadgill, Mary; Mills, Dorothy; Lewis, Joe; Gamble, Laura et al.

Kerr County Album

Description: Book discussing the history of people and places in Kerr County, Texas. It is organized into several sections: Kerrville and County Communities; Kerr County; What Binds Them Together; Churches of Kerr County; Schools; Medical Institutions; Clubs and Organizations; Life and Living on the Land; Riversides, Hillsides and Countrysides; Military Service Members; Summer Camps; Poems, Rhymes and Verses; Families; Tributes and Memorials; Businesses. Index starts on page 544.
Date: 1986~
Creator: Kerr County Historical Commission

Mountain Park Sanatorium, Kerrville, Texas

Description: Booklet describing the Mountain Park Sanatorium for tuberculosis patients in Kerville, Texas. It includes information about the facilities, such as its rooms, staff, and rules, as well as information about the climate of the region and community of Kerville.
Date: unknown
Creator: Mountain Park Sanatorium


Description: A book of poetry written by Harriet Garrett. Contents: Nostalgia -- Spring and Autumn -- Thoughts of Home -- The Land of Yesterday -- Memories -- To You, My Friend -- To a Friend in California -- An Old Refrain -- The Great Adventure -- The Return of a Soldier -- On Reading Two Poems of the World War -- The Message -- Shadows -- Mother -- The Valley of the Shadow -- On the Death of My Father -- “Hope Springs Eternal” -- Dear Lads of Mine -- Dear, Familiar Faces -- One More River -- America -- … more
Date: 1941
Creator: Garrett, Harriet
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