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Family in Killeen area

Description: A family is depicted in front of a picket fence. A man holding an infant is kneeling in front, and four females and a toddler--possibly male--are behind him. From the clothing, the picture appears to be from the 1930's or 1940's.
Date: unknown

[Couple posing nearing rocks]

Description: An adult man and woman pose on a stretch of sand near a rocky outcrop, probably along the Lampasas River.
Date: unknown

[Woman in a Hat]

Description: Photograph of a woman wearing a hat and standing near a tree.
Date: unknown

Marylene Adams

Description: School photo of Marylene Adams with the word "pal" written to the right.
Date: unknown

Bernice Bay

Description: School photo of Bernice Bay with the word "princess" written on the right.
Date: unknown

Maple School

Description: A class photo from the Maple School, students with three teachers.
Date: 1939

[Group of Students]

Description: Photograph of students outside a school building. A boy in the front row holds a sign with the number 430.
Date: unknown

[Family by a Tree]

Description: Photograph of a man, woman, and two children standing by a tree in a field.
Date: unknown

[Six Girls]

Description: Photograph of six girls in a field all wearing scarves on their heads. The three in front are sitting or kneeling on the ground and three others are standing behind them
Date: unknown

[Interior of Bay's Store on Gray Street]

Description: Photograph of the interior of Bay's Store on Gray Street. Text below the photo reads, "1930's Bay's Store Gray Street Left to right: Cecil Carter Sr.; Artie Carter; Arthur Bay; Laura Bay; Carl Marshall. Shelves are stocked with groceries and clerks stand behind the counter.
Date: unknown

[Woman Standing by a House]

Description: Photograph of a woman standing by the steps to a porch on a house. The porch has columns and a chair on it.
Date: unknown