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[Card from Rachel Holmes to Mrs. Kempner]

Description: Illustrated card from Rachel Holmes to Mrs. Kempner, thanking her for giving a good account of Miss Holmes's efforts in a clothes drive, and praising Mrs. Kempner for her character and example. The card has a bright illustration of a bouquet of flowers on the front.
Date: unknown
Creator: Holmes, Rachel

Christmas Card Sent to Daniel Kempner

Description: A Christmas greeting card from Mary Jeane Kempner to her father, Daniel Webster Kempner. The card has a colorful illustration of a fireplace and a red bow on the front, and inside the card is a Christmas-themed poem. On the outside of the card's envelope is a handwritten note from Mary Jeane to her father.
Date: unknown
Creator: Kempner, Mary Jeane

[Last Will and Testament of Daniel Webster Kempner]

Description: Last will and testament of Daniel Webster Kempner. He instructs the executors of his will to sell a number of his shares in the H. Kempner trust, in order to pay for incidentals and debts that might occur as a result of his death; to give a number of shares in three trusts/companies to his daughter Mary Jeane Kempner, to help pay for her son, Daniel Kempner Thorne's education; to not hold his daughter accountable for any sums of money he loaned her during his life; to give his shares in Sugarland Industries and the Imperial Sugar Company to the Harris and Eliza Kempner Trust; and the rest of his estate to his wife and daughter.
Date: February 1, 1956
Creator: Kempner, Daniel Webster

[Letter from Daniel Webster Kempner to Isaac Herbert Kempner and Eliza Seinsheimer, March 31, 1899]

Description: Letter from Daniel Webster Kempner to his mother, Eliza Seinsheimer, and his brother, Isaac Herbert Kempner, discussing his travels through Europe, European current events, European history, and some of his experiences on his trip, including riding a horse. The letter is written on Chapman's Family Hotel stationary.
Date: March 31, 1899
Creator: Kempner, Daniel Webster

[Letter from Daniel Webster Kempner to Isaac Herbert Kempner, November 2, 1898]

Description: Letter from Daniel Webster Kempner to Isaac Herbert Kempner discussing his plans for travel into the Russian frontier, as well as a few details from his travels thus far. He mentions that he thinks America should not pay off Cuba and Puerto Rico's debts, and that he will give a description of life in Poland in his next letter.
Date: November 2, 1898
Creator: Kempner, Daniel Webster