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Louise Giddens and school kids

Description: Photograph of Rose Kipp, Ella Rentz, Emma Gordon, Dorothy White, and several unidentified children. This is a picture of the school children at the school that John Henry Kipp, Sr. started. The teacher, Louise Giddens, is the tallest woman in the picture. The girl next to the teacher is Ella Kipp the oldest of John Henry Kipp, Jr's children and the boy on the other side of the teacher is Henry Kipp. The girl next to Henry is Elva or Elvie Kipp. The girl in front of Elvie and Henry is Leota Kipp. The girl in the back next to Elvie is Rose Kipp and the boy next to her is John Lee (called Lee) Kipp. All of the children named were the children of John Henry Kipp, Jr.
Date: 1911~/1912~