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[Adolfo Mateos Addressing Press]
Photograph of Adolfo Mateos standing at a podium under a canopy and addressing members of the press. Behind this group lies a river and trees.
[Adolfo Mateos Strumming a Guitar]
Photograph of Adolfo Mateos strumming a guitar while sitting at an outdoor picnic table. He is sitting with a group of people that includes Harry S. Truman (left), Sam Rayburn (left, sitting behind a seated woman), Lyndon Johnson (obscured behind Mateos), and Lady Bird Johnson (seated right). The picnic table is topped with glasses, tea cups, and a pair of sunglasses.
[Barbecue at LBJ Ranch During President Adolfo Mateos Visit]
Photograph of people outdoors at a picnic table covered with food, drinks, and a cowboy hat. Two women (one of whom has a purse) sit to the left. Harry S. Truman turns to look at a man wearing a cowboy hat and holding a guitar. Sam Rayburn has his arm around a woman and looks toward Truman. Another woman sits to the right. Lyndon Johnson is standing over Truman.
[Dirt Path Lined with Flags]
Photograph of a dirt pathway lined with Mexican flags on the left and United States flags on the right. A man and woman walk down the path together towards trees. On the right, a wire fence runs parallel to the road, with buildings visible beyond.
[Lyndon Johnson and Adolfo Mateos Walking with Others]
Photograph of Lyndon Johnson and Adolfo Mateos walking together within a group of people. Two people can be seen playing guitars behind them.
[Lyndon Johnson and Others Under a Mexican Flag]
Photograph of Lyndon Johnson and others standing underneath a Mexican flag. The LBJ Ranch House is visible to the left.
[Lyndon Johnson Walking with Adolfo Mateos]
Photograph of Lyndon Johnson walking arm in arm with Adolfo Mateos while a group of people following behind them. Two mariachi band members hold guitars walk behind Johnson to the right.
[Man Giving an Interview]
Photograph of a man standing at a lectern and speaking in front of people, some of whom have cameras.
[Man Speaking During Adolfo Mateos' Visit to the LBJ Ranch]
Photograph of a man standing at a podium during Adolfo Mateos' visit to the LBJ Ranch. Sam Rayburn rubs his nose next to Mateos to the left.
[Man Standing at a Microphone]
Photograph of a man standing before a crowd under a tarp. He is wearing glasses, a suit, and a tie with a central diagonal stripe. Two microphones are on either side of him. Adolfo López Mateos and Sam Rayburn are seated to the left.
[Mexican Flag Flying Over the LBJ Ranch]
Photograph of a Mexican flag flying over the LBJ Ranch. A procession of people dressed in suits and Mexican folk costumes walk under the flag. A man in the bottom left corner of the photo is taking pictures of the group.
[People under a Mexican Flag]
Photograph of people standing under a Mexican flag flying from a pole on the LBJ Ranch.