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[League City State Bank Staff]

Description: Photograph of the League City State Bank staff, a majority of which are women, clad in uniforms. One of the uniformed women is Lorena Harbison; she is the bespectacled, elderly woman seated on the first row, second from the right. The back of the photo has the signatures of people in the photograph.
Date: 1973

[Ribbon Cutting at League City Bank]

Description: Photograph of the ribbon cutting ceremony for League City Bank and Trust. Lorena Harbison is the woman in the pink pant suit standing behind the giant pair of scissors. Walter Hall is holding the scissors open in preparation to cut the ribbon. Standing behind them are five other city officials.
Date: June 12, 1978

[Women at Texas State Capitol]

Description: Photograph of a group of six women standing outside of the Texas State Capitol building with a male politician. The woman on the far left is Lorena Harbison, a long-time employee of League City State Bank. On the top right hand corner of the photo is a note written in blue ink that reads, "To Lorena Harbison with warm regards, Bob Laney, 1970."
Date: 1970