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[Joseph Kilgore as a Teenager]

Description: Photograph of a teenage boy named Joseph Kilgore, the son of Theodore Kilgore. According to accompanying information, the portrait was taken in honor of his high school graduation in 1930; the year is typeset in a decorative frame right below his picture. Joseph graduated as an honor student at the top of his class when he was sixteen-years-old.
Date: 1930

[Joseph Kilgore at His Graduation Party]

Description: Photograph of Joseph Kilgore and his high school graduation party comprised of his two other young men and four young women. Each young woman is wearing a white gown and is holding a bouquet in her arms. The Kilgore brothers are each wearing a dark blazer, a shirt, tie, and light-colored pants.
Date: 1930

[The Kilgore Home]

Description: Photograph of the Kilgore home, a two-story house with a large, enclosed front porch. A long line of manicured bushes borders the property. According to accompanying information, the house is on Kansas and 4th Street in League City. It was the house where Theodore Kilgore and his wife Zonnie died, in 1955 and 1959, respectively. The house was then sold in 1959.
Date: August 1939

[League City High School Class of 1938]

Description: Photograph of a small group of seniors from the League City High School Class of 1938, posing for a portrait outside of an unidentified building. The students are arranged in two rows; the first row is knelt on the ground while the second row stands behind them. Directly to the right of the group is a large bush.
Date: February 1938

[Man Fishing at Clear Creek]

Description: Photograph of Chester Knight, father of Zonnie Knight Kilgore, fishing in a row boat on the banks of Clear Creek in League City. The bridge in the background is Clear Creek Bridge; it was once the connection between Galveston County to Harris County. It was demolished upon construction of Highway 3.
Date: August 1939

[Man in a Watermelon Patch]

Description: Photograph of Theodore Kilgore standing in a watermelon patch on land belonging to Frank Outlaw. According to accompanying information, Theodore hired a man named Pat Felts to plant 10 acres of watermelons on Frank Outlaw's property. The land is now the location of the Countryside South neighborhood.
Date: August 1939