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[American Red Cross Representatives]

Description: Photograph of a group of women in the League City Red Cross, sitting together at a small table and making blankets. According to a handwritten note on the back, most of the women are identified from left to right as the wives of their husbands, namely: Mrs. O.V. King, Mrs. John P. Atkinson, Mrs. Salmon, Mrs. Birkmeyer, and Mrs. Benson.
Date: 191u

[City-Wide Halloween Prank]

Description: Postcard photograph of five children in front of a building with multiple signs on Main Street (now Second Street) in League City. A note on the back of the postcard states that they are looking west toward the railroad station and that this is a Halloween prank.
Date: unknown

[Dismuke House]

Description: Photograph of the Dismuke House, which was located on the west side of South Kansas Street near the League City School in League City, Texas. Billy Dismuke worked for the Butlers. Three young children are posed with two dogs in front of the wooden house.
Date: unknown

[League City Railroad Shop]

Description: Photograph of the historic League City Railroad Shop, a warehouse building with a wide entrance. The shop workers are gathered together in front of the warehouse. According to a handwritten note on the back, the man at the center wearing the vest is O.V. King and to his right is R.H. Scholes, the superintendent or foreman.
Date: unknown

[Postcard of the Butler Building]

Description: Postcard photograph of "The Brick Building," also known as the Butler Building. The large brick building, which houses the Citizens State Bank, has three horse-drawn carriages parked in front. Two men are posed in front of the building. One man is standing off to the right side, and above him another man is sitting in the window.
Date: unknown

[Railroad Shop Interior]

Description: Photograph of the interior of the League City Railroad Shop, where several of the working men are gathered to pose for a picture. A narrative on the back, written by someone named Caroline in 1971, identifies a few men in the photograph: O.V. King, K.H. Scholes (who was the superintendent or foreman), Perry Johnson, and Percy H. Yoeland.
Date: unknown
Creator: Loraine, Harry

[Red Cross Nurses]

Description: Photograph of a large group of American Red Cross nurses seated together in front of a bandstand in League City. They are arranged in three rows with the first two sitting and the last row standing. Each Red Cross member is wearing a nurse's cap with the emblem on the front. An American flag is hanging behind them. According to handwritten notes on the back, two of the women on the right with the Red Cross flag draped over their laps are identified as Mrs. O.V. King and Mrs. John P. Atkinson.
Date: 191u

[Three Children on Kansas Street]

Description: Photograph of three unidentified children on Kansas Street looking south from the corner of Lewis Street toward "The Big School" or the League City School. Butler Pasture is on the right with a line of trees next to the road. The child on the left is seated and two younger children are standing on his right. They are wearing coats and hats.
Date: unknown

[Three Women at Clear Creek Bridge]

Description: Photograph of three women, each wearing Victorian-style attire, sitting together in a small row boat at Clear Creek Bridge which once stood at the end of Kansas Street in League City. The bridge, part of which is visible in the background, was the main road between Houston and Galveston until its demolition before Highway 3 was built.
Date: unknown