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[Table with Holiday Decorations]

Description: Photograph of a table inside the League City State Bank, decorated with a few festive holiday touches. A candelabra and a mini tree are set atop the table. Above the table is a large framed piece of art. A medium-sized office plant sitting to the left of the table is festooned in tinsel. To the left of the plant is a vault.
Date: unknown

[Two Elderly Women]

Description: Photograph of two elderly women standing indoors. They are both wearing skirt suits and name tags on their chests. The woman on the left is Lorena Harbison, a longtime employee of the League City State Bank. A mirrored dresser and a TV on a stand are part of the room's decor.
Date: unknown

[Women at a Dinner Party]

Description: Photograph of a group of women seated around a circular table at a dinner party. Many of them are wearing name tags on their chests. The gray-haired woman on the left in the light pink cardigan is Lorena Harbison. There are multiple occupied tables in the background as well as people standing and mingling.
Date: unknown

[Women at Texas State Capitol]

Description: Photograph of a group of six women standing outside of the Texas State Capitol building with a male politician. The woman on the far left is Lorena Harbison, a long-time employee of League City State Bank. On the top right hand corner of the photo is a note written in blue ink that reads, "To Lorena Harbison with warm regards, Bob Laney, 1970."
Date: 1970