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[Yellow Roses of Texas Parade Float]

Description: Photograph of a parade float celebrating the Yellow Rose of Texas in the League City sesquicentennial parade in honor of Texas' 150 birthday. The float is festooned in yellow roses and the side of the float features a sign that is partially visible. A live band is performing on top of the float. Many of the band members are wearing cowboy hats. A large cutout in the shape of Texas is erected in the back of the float behind the band.
Date: April 19, 1986
Creator: Kiecke, Albert

[Youngsters in a Holiday Parade]

Description: Photograph of a group of teenagers riding their choir's float in the first annual League City's Holiday Festival of Lights. The side of the float is covered in a fluffy, snow-like banner with text that is only partially visible. A number of the teens are waving from the float. The parade procession is traveling down Farm to Market 518 and Highway 3, eventually ending at Walter Hall Park.
Date: December 11, 1987
Creator: Kiecke, Albert

[Zonnie Kilgore with a Young Girl]

Description: Photograph of an elderly Zonnie Knight Kilgore posing in a portrait with a young girl. Zonnie has gray hair that is pulled back and is wearing a polka-dot patterned ensemble. The young girl has braided hair and is wearing a sheer dress. Accompanying information suggests that she might be Zonnie's granddaughter, Claire Kilgore.
Date: 195u