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[Goodell Family Children]
Three small photographs of the children of Lyman P. and Dollie (Crockett) Goodell: Robert C., born November 10, 1891; Bessie C., born August 11, 1894; and Ola C., born December 6, 1897. Robert wears a suit and tie and the girls both wear white blouses with pearl necklaces. They were all born in Fort Worth, Texas.
[Letter from Mollie Thess to M.M. Parks, September 9 1900]
Letter from Mollie Thess to Mrs. M.M. Parks. The letter is dated September 9, 1900.
[Letter to Mr. and Mrs. Parks, 8 November 1902]
Letter to Mr. and Mrs. Milton Parks from David T. Crockett.
Van Zandt Fifith Grade, 1906
Photograph of the fifth grade class at Van Zandt School in 1906. The children are on the steps outside of the building. Their teacher stands in the center of the group.