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[Goodell Family Children]

Description: Three small photographs of the children of Lyman P. and Dollie (Crockett) Goodell: Robert C., born November 10, 1891; Bessie C., born August 11, 1894; and Ola C., born December 6, 1897. Robert wears a suit and tie and the girls both wear white blouses with pearl necklaces. They were all born in Fort Worth, Texas.
Date: c. 1905

[Group Photo Outside a Home]

Description: Group portrait of the Bosley family in front of their home in Palo Pinto County by Buck Creek. The house has a wooden shingled roof and two stone chimneys at either end. On the porch is a bed with two quilted pillows on it that are decorated with large stars. In the group there are two men, three women, four children and one baby. Identification provided by the donor of these items is as follows: left to right- Aunt Alice, Uncle Sam, unknown, Uncle Ed, Grandpa Methias "Sy", Uncle Pete, Uncle Rob, "Dad," John, Uncle Baker, Grandma Amanda
Date: unknown

In Loving Rememberance of Mrs. Mattie H. Cook

Description: Printed card remembering Mrs. Mattie H. Cook, who died on Dec. 9, 1893 at age 38. Her name is printed on an image of a Bible and a poem is printed below. The poem reads, "We miss thee from our home dear; We miss thee from thy place; A shadow o'er our life is cast; We miss the sunshine of thy face We miss thy kind and willing hand, Thy fond and earnest care; Our home is dark without thee- We miss thee everywhere."
Date: December 1893

Interior of John Halliday's Grocery Store

Description: Photograph of the interior of a grocery store. The men appear to be, L-R: Walter Shugart, clerk, John Halliday, proprietor and an unknown man. The shelves are lined with canned goods.
Date: unknown

Interior of John Halliday's Grocery Store

Description: Photograph of the interior of a grocery store. The men are, L-R: Ben B. Baker, clerk; Walter Shugart, clerk; John Mounts, customer; Herbert Halliday, son of proprietor-standing on chair; John Halliday, proprietor. The shelves are lined with canned goods.
Date: unknown

Jacob Matthews

Description: Photograph of Jacob Matthews. He is wearing a suit and has white hair, a mustache, and a beard.
Date: unknown
Creator: S.B. Russell

[Men outside Grocery Store on Sidewalk]

Description: Photograph with about 25 men standing under an awning outside a business in a town. There is a horse and cart in the street. Signs saying "John Halliday" and "Notary Public" are on the building. Appears that the man to the far left is Walter Shugart, the third from the left is Ben Baker and the man seventh from the left is John Halliday.
Date: unknown

Milton Lester Parks

Description: Photograph of Milton Lester Parks. He has dark hair, beard and mustache. He wears a coat and tie.
Date: unknown

Miss N.L. Seabrook

Description: Photographic portrait of Miss N.L. Seabrook of Germantown, Tennessee. She is in a formal dress with a large lace collar. She wears pearl jewelry and has a crown on her head. She is kneeling with her hands clasped beside a table. A crucifix hangs on the wall behind her.
Date: unknown
Creator: Collins Cabinet Protraits

Mrs. W. Stanley Crawford

Description: Photograph of Mrs. W. Stanley Randolph. Written on the back of the photo, "June 20th, 1869. Also included is a calling card with her name printed on it and the address 1514 Eleventh Street, Wichita Falls, Texas. Handwritten on the back of the calling card, "Little gifts I send to-day, telling of remembrances true, would that they could fully say all the good I wish for you."
Date: June 20, 1869
Creator: D.S. Randolph

[Photo of Students]

Description: Photograph of students, possibly high school students, outside of a school building.
Date: unknown

[Photograph of an Older Woman and a Child]

Description: Photograph of an older woman sitting in a chair with a child standing next to her. The child holds some flowers and rests a hand on the woman's shoulder.
Date: unknown