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Studio Photograph of a Man

Description: Studio photograph of a man in a suit and tie. He is balding on his head and has a beard. The photo is retouched with lines defining his hair beard, features, and clothing.
Date: unknown
Item Type: Photograph

[Written land agreement between H. Howard, A.J. Rigsby and J.M. Northworth, October 11 1888]

Description: This document is an agreement by Hartsford Howard, party of the first part, and A.J. Rigsby and J.M. Northworth, parties of the second part, on a portion of land. The land was part of the Washington-Howard Survey in Hood County. The agreement was for the cultivation of cotton, corn, wheat, oats and millet. The document was witnessed by J.C. Donathan.
Date: October 11, 1888
Creator: Donathon F.C.
Item Type: Text