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Mrs. W. Stanley Crawford

Description: Photograph of Mrs. W. Stanley Randolph. Written on the back of the photo, "June 20th, 1869. Also included is a calling card with her name printed on it and the address 1514 Eleventh Street, Wichita Falls, Texas. Handwritten on the back of the calling card, "Little gifts I send to-day, telling of remembrances true, would that they could fully say all the good I wish for you."
Date: June 20, 1869
Creator: D.S. Randolph
Item Type: Image

[Receipt for Hartsford Howard, January 31 1863]

Description: Receipt for Hartsford Howard for the amount of sixteen dollars and sixty-seven cents. The payment was for distilling rights of liquor or petroleum for four months starting December 25, 1862. The document is dated January 31, 1863.
Date: January 31, 1863
Creator: Curits, J.W.
Item Type: Text

[Receipt for Hartsford Howard, March 23 1864]

Description: Receipt for Hartsford Howard for the amount of five dollars. The payment was for a subscription to the Galveston Tri-Weekly News from March 23, 1864 to September 23, 1864. The document was signed by W. Richardson.
Date: March 23, 1864
Creator: Richardson, W.
Item Type: Text

[Receipt for Occupation Tax, September 9 1863]

Description: The document is a receipt for occupation tax. The tax was paid by Mr. J. Parks for the amount of fifty dollars for the occupation of retail merchant. The document is dated 9-3-1863 and signed by James M. Shepherd.
Date: September 3, 1863
Creator: Shepherd, James M.
Item Type: Text