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Mrs. W. Stanley Crawford

Description: Photograph of Mrs. W. Stanley Randolph. Written on the back of the photo, "June 20th, 1869. Also included is a calling card with her name printed on it and the address 1514 Eleventh Street, Wichita Falls, Texas. Handwritten on the back of the calling card, "Little gifts I send to-day, telling of remembrances true, would that they could fully say all the good I wish for you."
Date: June 20, 1869
Creator: D.S. Randolph

[Men outside Grocery Store on Sidewalk]

Description: Photograph with about 25 men standing under an awning outside a business in a town. There is a horse and cart in the street. Signs saying "John Halliday" and "Notary Public" are on the building. Appears that the man to the far left is Walter Shugart, the third from the left is Ben Baker and the man seventh from the left is John Halliday.
Date: unknown

[Portrait of a Man with a Mustache]

Description: Studio portrait of a man wearing a suit with a striped tie, vest, and a pocket watch. He has light hair and a mustache. Back side of the cabinet card photo gives information about the photographer. Also depicted on the back are graphic images of palm trees, a sphinx, an obelisk, and pyramids printed in gold. Text reads, "Ira F. Collins, Portrait, Landscape and General Photographer, Huntsville, Ala. Makes every style of fine pictures All negatives are preserved and additional pictures can be had at any time, very cheap, Fine Frames & Views of the city and surrounding country for sale. No. 2940"
Date: unknown
Creator: Ira F. Collins