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[Tax receipt for Aaron Parks]

Description: Tax receipt for Aaron Parks for the year 1872, for the amount of one dollar and fifty-five cents. The property taxed was valued at two hundred and thirty three dollars. The document was signed by J.C. Hightower, sheriff of Hood County in 1872.
Date: September 26, 1872
Creator: Hightower, J.C.

[Portrait of a Man with a Mustache]

Description: Studio portrait of a man wearing a suit with a striped tie, vest, and a pocket watch. He has light hair and a mustache. Back side of the cabinet card photo gives information about the photographer. Also depicted on the back are graphic images of palm trees, a sphinx, an obelisk, and pyramids printed in gold. Text reads, "Ira F. Collins, Portrait, Landscape and General Photographer, Huntsville, Ala. Makes every style of fine pictures All negatives are preserved and additional pictures can be had at any time, very cheap, Fine Frames & Views of the city and surrounding country for sale. No. 2940"
Date: unknown
Creator: Ira F. Collins