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F-16 Press Announcement

Description: Photograph of two men in suits, neckties and glasses. In front of one man are several microphones, a podium and a person holding a model airplane. On the left side of the frame is a bearded photographer, and in the background is an American Flag and a curtain. On the podium are the words, "General Dynamics, Fort Worth Division".
Date: unknown

F-111 A/P#1 Rollout

Description: Photograph of an F-111 A/P#1 Rollout Ceremony. In the foreground is the military airplane with the letters, "USAF" painted on top of the right wing. In the background is a large crowd seated on bleachers, standing on aircraft stairs and atop a podium with flags and red, white, and blue banners. In the background is a bus.
Date: unknown