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Delivery of YC-131 #2 to Air Force

Description: Photograph, from left to right, of Leonard Roe, Capt. J.P. Siegler, Capt. C.L. Gandy, Gus Messick, Sgt. T.S. Ackrill, and W.F. Staley. Three of the men are wearing military uniforms and hats and two are wearing suits and ties. Two men are wearing glasses. Behind the men is an airplane with the words, "U.S. Air Force" painted across the side of it.
Date: unknown

Diane McGuffee and Betty Lynn Buckley, Miss Fort Worth Contestants

Description: Photograph of Diane McGuffee and Betty Lynn Buckley, Miss Fort Worth Contestants, seated at a piano. The woman on the right side of the frame has short, dark hair and is wearing a light-colored dress with poofy sleeves. The other woman has light hair and is wearing a long-sleeved sequined top. Both women are holding sheet music that reads, "Vocal Selection, Carousel". A metronome is on top of the piano.
Date: unknown

Display Window at First National Bank

Description: Display window at the First National Bank. Set up within the window, in front of a dark curtain, are eight photographs of airplanes and planes being built with a poster in the center that reads, "Fort Worth has been selected for World Premiere Consolidated's Fighting Planes, 1943's Most Exclusive Short Subject, Friday Night, Worth". On either side of the display are two American Flags and in front are two model airplanes.
Date: unknown

The Eagle, Volume 1, Number 50, Thursday, April 15, 1943

Description: Weekly newsletter published for employees of the Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corporation Fort Worth Division containing work-related information, updates about employees, and other news. This issue includes a two-page photo spread on the corporation's top events and achievements of the past year.
Date: April 15, 1943
Creator: Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corporation