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J.D. Lee signs Last B-36

Description: Photograph of J.D. Lee writing on the nose of the last B-36 at Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corporation in Fort Worth, Texas on December 18, 1953. The page he is signing reads,"Dear John Oh! how I hate to see you go" it has 11 columns of signatures.
Date: December 18, 1953

Convair's Main Entrance

Description: Photograph of four old automobiles stopped at Convair's Main Entrance. On the right side of the cars is a stop sign, and a small building topped with a sign that reads, "Entrance To This DEFENSE PLANT Is Granted For Official Business Only." On the left side of the cars is a barbed-wire and chain link fence, tall lights, and a billboard that reads, "Fort Worth Division CONVAIR, Home of the B-36 Intercontinental Bomber."
Date: unknown

Crew From Rascal B-36H

Description: Photograph, from left to right, of W.A. Miller, J.M. Kechele, H.A. Dow, R.J. Reimer, J.L. Baldridge, E.J. Nadalski, and A.L. Hall. All of the men are dressed in flight jumpsuits and behind them is large military airplane.
Date: unknown

Security Guard Seated at Desk

Description: Photograph of J.G. Hanna, a security guard, seated at a desk topped with a telephone and paper. He is wearing a badge, bow tie, and hat. On the right side of the frame is a door with signs that read, "Development Dept. 65, MX 1964, Mock-Up Area," "Restricted", and "What You See, What You Hear, When You Leave, Leave It Here!" In the top left hand corner of the frame is a fluorescent light and a hung-up blazer.
Date: unknown

Delivery of YC-131 #2 to Air Force

Description: Photograph, from left to right, of Leonard Roe, Capt. J.P. Siegler, Capt. C.L. Gandy, Gus Messick, Sgt. T.S. Ackrill, and W.F. Staley. Three of the men are wearing military uniforms and hats and two are wearing suits and ties. Two men are wearing glasses. Behind the men is an airplane with the words, "U.S. Air Force" painted across the side of it.
Date: unknown