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Open House at Fort Worth

Description: This is an aerial view of three airplanes on a ramp at the Greater Southwest Airport, also referred to as the Amon Carter Field. This airport is located slightly south of the current location of the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport (DFW). The photograph was taken at the Greater Southwest Airport's grand opening.
Date: 1953

[Outdoor picnic]

Description: June Sheppard hands a sandwich to Mrs. Jimmie Jarrott. Mr. L.N. Mason is in the background. Elise Larson holds two bottles of pop in the foreground. This photograph was taken on May 28, 1942.
Date: May 28, 1942

Palhamus Family Looks at Flight Deck

Description: Photograph of the Palhamus family, including two young girls and a little boy, looking at the flight deck of a military airplane. The young girls are wearing identical flower print dresses, one with a pearl necklace and a belt. The father is seated in a white t-shirt and pointing at a control. The flight deck has many levers, controls, and buttons.
Date: unknown

Paying Poll Tax in Cafeteria

Description: Employees paying poll tax in the cafeteria on November 9, 1951. Employees (L-R): J.W. Melcher, E.C. Massingill, Jr., F.H. West, T.A. Johnston, J.A. Gordon, W.D. West, C.F. West, Chester May, C.F. Jones. Poll tax men: W.S. Lamb and J.I. Short.
Date: November 9, 1951