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[International Bridge across the Rio Grande]
Photograph of the International Bridge across the Rio Grande between Laredo, Texas and Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas.
[International Bridge, Laredo, Texas]
International Bridge over the Rio Grande during the early 1900s in Laredo, Texas
[Hamilton Hotel, Laredo, Texas]
Postcard of Hamilton Hotel in before the top floors were added and before the cyclone of 1906 that destroyed the balconies. On the back of the postcard there is a letter addressed to Mrs. J. J. Duffy (Aunt Katie) from Alex discussing current news and relatives.
[Water Vendors]
Three water vendor carts in front of what appears to be a water tank. Water vendors were called barrileros or aguadores. Correspondence reads, "At Laredo, Going over into Mexico this afternoon, so if I fail to send you a card, the Insurrectos have got me." This card was written and mailed to Miss Mollie Chaney in Longview, Texas on February 13, 1913 in Laredo, Texas.
[Water Cart]
Postmarked August 3, 1916 at Laredo, Texas, this card was sent to Concord, N.H.
[Card dated 1885 acknowledging receipt of an order]
Card dated November 9, 1885 acknowledging receipt of an order. Sent to an address in Laredo, Texas from H. O'Neill & Company in New York City.
[International and Great Northern Railway Depot]
Photograph of people, cars, and wagons in front of a railroad depot, identified at the bottom as "I. and G. N. Ry. Depot, Laredo, Texas." Postcard is dated 7/15/1920. There is a letter on the back of the postcard addressed to "Henry" that refers to an attack that day on Nuevo Laredo by revolutionaries.
[Bird's Eye view - Rio Grande Flood]
Bird's eye view of flooding Rio Grande River over the International Bridge.
[Cars crossing International Bridge]
Cars returning from bullfight in Nuevo Laredo as part of the Washington's Birthday Celebration in February.
[Ft. McIntosh, Laredo, Texas]
Postcard showing tents of the New Hampshire camp at Ft. McIntosh, Laredo, Texas
[Oxen Carts, Laredo, Texas]
Postcard of men with loaded oxen carts in front of a pawn shop in Laredo, Texas.
Plano de los Dos Laredos
Plat of the 'two Laredos' (Laredo, Texas and New Laredo, Mexico) from January 1881. The map appears to be a cadastral map with numbered (and lettered) lots in both cities, likely showing ownership. Some streets are labeled as well as Fort McIntosh (noted as a "U.S. Military Reservation") in Laredo and the Campo de Marte in Nuevo Laredo.
[City Hall and Flores Avenue]
Photograph of City Hall on Flores Avenue. Shows a street car going north-south on Flores Avenue. Has the stamp of the "Consulado de Mexico."
[Hidalgo Street, Laredo, Texas]
Scene of Hidalgo Steet in Laredo, Texas in the early 1900.
[Oxen carts in front of a pawn shop]
Oxen carts in front of a pawn shop, Laredo, Texas. There is a letter on the back of the postcard addressed to Mr. Wilfred Hellser from "H. W."
[Hotel Iturbide, Monterrey]
Photo of Hotel Iturbide in Monterrey, Mexico. Postmarked January 24, 1940 in Rochester, Minnesota. There is a letter on the back of the postcard addressed to Matt and mentions two inches of snow in Laredo, Texas.
[Barracks at Ft. McIntosh, Laredo, Texas]
Barracks at Ft. McIntosh, Laredo, Texas in the early 1900s; soldiers in uniform are standing outside the building.
[Army tents and mules at Fort McIntosh, Laredo, Texas]
Army tents of the cavalry stationed at Fort McIntosh, Laredo, Texas
[Mercy Hospital and Jarvis Plaza, Laredo, Texas]
Postcard of Jarvis Plaza in Laredo Texas. Mercy Hospital is visible in the background.
[City Hall during Washington's Birthday Celebration, Laredo, Texas]
Large birthday cake in front of City Hall during Washington's birthday celebration.
[Immigration officials, Laredo, Texas]
Photograph of five immigration officials in Laredo, Texas.
[Company D, 37th Infantry, Ft. McIntosh]
Soldiers in uniform preparing for target practice.
[Destroyed remains of International Bridge]
Image of bridge destroyed by cyclone of April 28, 1905. Viewed from Nuevo Laredo, Mexico.
[Railroad Bridge Destroyed by Flood]
Postcard of the International Railroad Bridge destroyed by flood.
[Buildings destroyed by tornado 1905]
Buildings destroyed by 1905 tornado. Shows railroad in foreground. Jerry Thompson's book, Laredo: A Pictorial History, describes this photo as damage to buildings of Mexican National Railway, totally destroyed by the tornado.
[View of Laredo, Texas in the early 1900]
View of Laredo, Texas in the early 1900. Looking Northwest from the top of the Federal Building. Postcard sent from Roberto in Laredo to Sra. Laura G. de Arriaga in Plazuela de Tepito, Mexico on January 21, 1909.
[Army trucks at Ft. McIntosh]
Photograph of military trucks parked in long lines at Ft. McIntosh, Laredo, Texas before 1916.
[City Drug Company building]
Built in 1896 at the corner of Flores and Hidalgo Street in Laredo, Texas, site of the first City Drug Company. Event is the Washington's Birthday Celebration around 1911.
[International Bridge over the Rio Grande]
Postcard of a bridge across a river, labeled, "International Bridge over the Rio Grande, Laredo, Texas." Several unknown buildings are visible on either end of the bridge. There is a letter on the back written 3/3/1917 that says, "Wanted to get across this bridge but on account of Typhus Epidemic on other side could not do so. Will cross at Brownsville. Wish you were along." (The epidemic mentioned was in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico.)
[Court House and Jail, Laredo, Texas]
Postcard dated April 4, 1912 that has a picture of the Web County jail and Courthouse.
[Lady on Horseback, Laredo, Texas, c. 1910]
Photograph of Frederico Vidaurri and Herminia Lafon riding horseback, near the corner of an unknown building in Laredo, Texas around 1910.
[Convent building next to International Bridge]
Photograph showing a rear view of Convent Building next to the International Bridge.
[Survey Map of Webb County]
Survey map of 19.73 acre tract in the Northwest corner of "porcion" 28, Webb County, Texas. Scale 1:2,400
[First grade class, Laredo, Texas, 1893]
Portrait of 53 first grade students, Laredo, Texas March 9, 1893. The teacher on the right was Julia Schultz.
[Ruins of First Webb County Courthouse]
Postcard of ruins of old Webb County Courthouse that burned down in 1906. Postcard dated October 23, 1906 and addressed to Miss Sarah Mowry.
[Buildings near Rio Grande River]
Photograph of the International Bridge across the Rio Grande River. View from Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. In the background the building with a tower was the old convent building.
[Hamilton Hotel, Laredo, Texas]
Postcard with a postmark from June 28, 1911 in Kansas City. The photograph on the front shows the Hamilton Hotel in Laredo, Texas before 1906. There is a letter written on the back of the postcard in pencil.
[Market House, Laredo, Texas]
Postcard of a building (writing at the bottom labels it "Market House, Laredo, Tex."). The building is surrounded by horse-drawn carriages and several pedestrians are visible in the foreground of the image.
[Street scene, Laredo, Texas, c. 1910]
Photograph of the market building on the left looking down Hidalgo Street, Laredo, Texas about 1910. A man in the foreground is smoking a cigar and looking at the camera.
[Students at Central School, Laredo, Texas, 1919]
Portrait of 34 students of Josephine Roberts Baird class sitting on the South steps of Central School in Laredo, Texas. The man in the back is a monitor named "Juan." The signatures of all the students appear on the back of the portrait.
[Map of Coca-Cola Bottling Company Properties]
Plat showing the 1951 survey of the Coca-Cola Bottling Company properties in Laredo, Texas. In the lower-left corner, there is a legal statement made by the surveyor attesting to the accuracy of the map. Scale 1:240
[International Bridge over the Rio Grande]
Postcard with a southwest view of the International Bridge over the Rio Grande, from Laredo, Texas. There is a short letter on the back of the postcard mentioning a "new baby boy." Notes were added later regarding the identities of the parents, the baby, and the addressee who was a cousin of the writer.
[Baptist Church Building]
Postcard dated December 10, 1912 of a Baptist church on a corner in Laredo, Texas. There are several people outside of the church, standing and sitting on the steps, as well as carriages visible on the streets.
[Matamoros Street in Laredo, Texas]
Photograph of houses on Matamoros Street in Laredo, Texas showing the Bender Hotel and St. Peter's Church in the background.
[Man and Woman on Horseback]
Photograph of Frederico Vidaurri and Herminia Lafon riding horseback around 1910. They are on a street in front of an unknown building; several people are visible in the background.
[Rio Grande Flood of 1954, Laredo, Texas]
Postcard of flood water completely covering the International Bridge between Nuevo Laredo, Mexico and Laredo, Texas. At the skyline is the Mexican Customs and Immigration building. The explanation on the back of the postcard states: "A new four-lane bride is replacing the completely inundated and partially destroyed bridge at Laredo, Texas, by the Rio Grande Flood of 1954. The Mexican Immigration and Customs building is shown in the background."
[Espejo Farm, Bermuda Onions, Laredo, Texas]
Photograph of an Bermuda onion harvest at the Espejo farm in Laredo, Texas. A letter on the back is addressed to Mrs. N. L. Green about the author's visit (to place unknown) and plans to leave again.
[St. Peter's Church, Laredo, Texas]
Photograph of a church on the corner of a street in Loredo, Texas. There is a note from "Nettie" written under the picture. Postmarked June 27, 1907. The church was mislabeled as a cathedral.
[International Foot Bridge, Laredo, Texas]
Postcard of the bridge spanning the Rio Grande, labeled, "International Foot Bridge, Laredo, Tex." which was taken sometime before 1905.
[Nuevo Laredo - Laredo Flood]
Destruction of flood on the Rio Grande in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. Laredo, Texas is visible on the opposite side of the Rio Grande River. There is a damaged bridge spanning the river and people standing on the bank in the foreground, looking across the water.