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[Mission Dolores about 1833]

Description: Photograph of Mission Dolores, the oldest surviving structure in San Francisco, in about 1833. It is also known as Mission San Francisco de Asís.
Date: unknown

[Mexican Water Cart]

Description: A water cart drawn by two burros. Water vendors were called barrileros or aguadores.
Date: 1900~

[Water Vender]

Description: A water vendor on the riverbank. Water vendors were called barrileros or aguadores.
Date: 1900~

[Troop J, 14th Cavalry, Ft. McIntosh]

Description: Group of men on horseback. Soldiers at Ft. McIntosh getting ready for a parade. The soldiers are carrying Colt M1911 pistols which the U.S. Army adopted in 1911.
Date: 1911~

[Webb County Courthouse, Laredo, Texas]

Description: Photograph of Webb County Courthouse at the corner of Matamoros Street and Flores Avenue in Laredo, Texas. In front of the building a man in a suit is walking in the street near a horse-drawn carriage.
Date: 1905~

[Horses and Buggies]

Description: Horse and buggies in front of the Market Plaza building in Laredo, Texas
Date: 1910~

[Photograph of Tornado Damage in Laredo, Texas]

Description: Photograph of buildings destroyed by a tornado in Laredo, Texas in 1904. In Jerry Thompson's book, Laredo: A Pictorial History, this photo is described as remains of the depot and roundhouse of the Mexican National Railway.
Date: 1904

[Water Vendors]

Description: Three water vendor carts in front of what appears to be a water tank. Water vendors were called barrileros or aguadores. Correspondence reads, "At Laredo, Going over into Mexico this afternoon, so if I fail to send you a card, the Insurrectos have got me." This card was written and mailed to Miss Mollie Chaney in Longview, Texas on February 13, 1913 in Laredo, Texas.
Date: February 13, 1912

[Water Cart]

Description: Postmarked August 3, 1916 at Laredo, Texas, this card was sent to Concord, N.H.
Date: 1900

[City Hall and Flores Avenue]

Description: Photograph of City Hall on Flores Avenue. Shows a street car going north-south on Flores Avenue. Has the stamp of the "Consulado de Mexico."
Date: 1920~