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[1934 Weatherford College Glee Club]

Description: Photograph of the Weatherford College Glee Club, in Weatherford, Texas. The young men and women are wearing suits and dresses. From left to right, top to bottom, the members of the photograph are: Top row: Garland Lavender, Cloyce Briden, Archie Sterling, Morris Thomas, Edward Ross, Marvin Wells, Bertram Olsen, Boyce Hudleston, Blanton Bird. Bottom row: James Doss, Rowena Doss Goss, Tim Henry Gilliland, Nona Akard, Waldo Fletcher, Orman Kimbrough.
Date: 1934

[Barkley and Dobbs]

Description: Photographic postcard of Harry Mildren Barkley Sr. and Walter Cleveland "Dutch" Dobbs standing in front of a painted railroad car backdrop. Mr. Barkley is standing on the left, and Mr. Dobbs is standing on the right.
Date: 1900~
Creator: Electric Post Card Studio

[Bish Mathis Typewriting School]

Description: Photograph of the staff of the Bish Mathis Typewriting School in Longview, Texas. Mathis opened the school in 1935 on Green Street, where it remained until 1937. He then moved the school to the Glover Crim Building. From left to right, the staff members pictured are: Top row: Bish Mathis, Don Khoury, John Ben Sheppard, unknown. Bottom row: unknown, Oscar Jones, Josh Moore.
Date: 1950~
Creator: Culpepper, Cody B.

[Bivins Residence]

Description: Photograph identified as the family home of Maurice H. Bivins, located at 25 Covington Dr. in Longview, Texas. The home was called Surrey Place. The "Friendly Trek" group is standing in front of the house in full costume, as noted on the back of the photograph.
Date: 1939
Creator: Claxton Studio

[Brown, Crain and Boring Families]

Description: Photograph of the Brown, Crain and Boring families of Longview, Texas. The family members are pictured on the front porch of Bluford W. Brown's home, which was located at 104 W. Whaley Street. From left to right, top to bottom, the family members pictured are: Top row: Newton Brown, Iris Boyd Brown, Edward E. Crain, Lula Frances Brown-Crain, Mittie F. Brown-Bruce, Robert Halsey Bruce, Emma Brown-Boring, Walter Brown, Oscar Brown, Johanna Clark-Brown. Second row: Bluford W. Brown, Lacy (Mayd… more
Date: 1880~

[Campbell's Lake]

Description: Photograph of four men near the edge of Campbell's Lake during the construction of the dam to create the man-made lake. Railroad ties are visible in the foreground, on raised ground; in the background, part of the lake is visible, lined by forest. From left to right, the men are identified as: Crawford Morgan, E. B. Protho, J. N. Campbell and W. K. Eckman. The photograph is mounted on gray cardboard.
Date: 1880~

[Campus Ward School Students]

Description: Photograph of the sixth grade class of Campus Ward School in Longview, Texas. The photograph is mounted on gray cardboard. From left to right, top to bottom, the students pictured are: Top row: unknown, Lucille Morgan, Elva Lou Conyus, unknown, Julia Myrle Morgan. Middle row: unknown, unknown, Clorine Renshaw, Dorothy Earl Watson. Bottom row: Josephine Hopkins, Florine Eddins, Frances Morgan, unknown.
Date: 1921

[Chaney Family]

Description: Photograph of the Chaney family of Longview, Texas. Mr. Robert R. Chaney and Mrs. Mary Ellen Johnson Chaney are pictured with three of their unidentified children. The family moved from Longview to Lometa, Texas some time between 1900-1910, but later moved their family of nine children back to Longview.
Date: 1893~

Childen's Matinee Show

Description: Photograph of many children standing outside the Strand Theatre on 104 South Fredonia Street in Longview, Texas, as noted on the back of the photograph. The children are at the theater for a Saturday matinee show. There are three bicycles parked outside the theater, and a sign to the left of the photograph that reads, "KING SIGNS." One of the children is holding crutches.
Date: 1930~

China Seas

Description: Photograph of Rita Theater in Longview, Texas, as noted on the back of the photograph. The theater was located at 207 E. Tyler Street in downtown Longview. There is a large billboard for the movie "China Seas" above the theater and a banner below that displays all the actors names. There is a car parked in front of the theater.
Date: 1935~

[Christmas Card]

Description: Photographic postcard of Longview School students standing outside of a brick building in Longview, Texas. There is an illustration of Santa Claus and his reindeer on the right side of the postcard, with the greeting: "Merry Christmas." From left to right, top to bottom, the students pictured are: Top row: Junius Flewellen, John Morrow, Lawrence Chaney. Second row: Betty Oliver, Flo Bramlette, Dory Van Orten. Third row: Kathleen Howard, Marie Brown, Annie Brown, Ruth Buchanan, Pearl Foster. … more
Date: 1901~

[Citizens National Bank]

Description: Photograph of the Everett Building in Longview, Texas. The original Everett Building was constructed in 1910 as the Citizens National Bank and originally housed a number of businesses, including M. L. Cunningham, Lawyer and Notary Public; A. J. Stewart, Dentist; and Drs. Northcutt and Markham, Physicians and Surgeons. It now houses the Gregg County Historical Museum on Fredonia Street.
Date: 1910

Clean-up week

Description: Photograph of "Clean Up Week" at the Rembert Theater, as noted in handwriting on the back of the photograph and on the banner to the left of the theater. There is a large pile of trash in front of the theater, including cans, boxes, buckets and other miscellaneous items. The theatre held the event to promote attendance at the movies and clean the streets of Longview at the same time. Each citizen that brought trash to be dumped in front of the theater was rewarded with a free ticket.
Date: 1930

[Confederate Soldiers of Gregg County]

Description: Photograph of the Confederate soldiers of Gregg County. The soldiers are pictured outside a house, and two men are holding a large Confederate flag in the background. From left to right, top to bottom, the soldiers pictured are: Top row: John McClain, Brad Johnson, J. M. Rosson, J. L. Finch, Frank Young, T. E. Kennard, J. M. Spinks, and Ben Spinks. Bottom row: J. K. Bivins, Mr. Lane, Emory Prothro, unidentified, G. Rowe, unidentified, Mr. Tyson, Mr. Tutt, Robert F. Echols, unidentified.
Date: 1906~

[Constructed Building]

Description: Photograph of the new Longview Public Library construction site in Longview, Texas. The constructed brick library is in the center of the photograph, and it has large glass doors and a metal awning. There are rectangular and circular cement fixtures on the ground in front of the library.
Date: unknown
Creator: Roberts, Jerrey
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