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[LeTourneau Dome Construction]

Description: Photograph of the dome construction at LeTourneau Munitions, Inc., a company that produced massive amounts of ammunition during WWII in Longview, Texas. The heavy machinery used to construct the dome were designed and built by Robert G. LeTourneau. The dome cap is pictured in the foreground.
Date: 1945

[LeTourneau Industries]

Description: Photograph of the LeTourneau Industries oil rig building facility near Vicksburg, Mississippi, which began operation in 1944. The photograph shows an aerial view of the facility. The platforms were assembled on the river band and were walked into the river for final fitting. From Vicksburg, the river tow boats transported the rigs to New Orleans, Louisiana, where they were transferred to the Gulf by ocean going tugs. The first off-shore drilling rig ever created was designed and built by Robert G. LeTourneau without any formal drawings or plans.
Date: 1945~