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[Downtown Longview]
Photograph of downtown Longview, Texas in its early years. There are many unidentified brick buildings pictured in the photograph. There are horse-drawn carriages parked throughout the downtown area, and there are people walking in the street.
[James Stephen Hogg]
Photograph of James Stephen Hogg and a fellow employee in Longview, Texas. The couple is pictured inside the first newspaper print shop in Longview, which was founded by Hogg. He later became the first native-born son of Texas to be voted Governor of the State of Texas. There is a decorative foil border framing the photograph.
[Longview Club Saloon]
Photograph of the Club Saloon in Longview, Texas. There are many unidentified men standing outside the saloon. The photograph is mounted on grey cardboard, and it is torn on three edges.
[Longview Sawmill Workers]
Photograph of the Longview Sawmill workers in Longview, Texas. The mill was located on Mobberly Street. There is a tan border around the exterior of the photograph.
[Magnolia Place Hotel]
Photograph of the Magnolia Place Hotel in Longview, Texas. There is a sign above the second floor balcony that reads, "Magnolia Place." There are several people and children standing outside the hotel and on the balcony.
[Railroad Engine 154]
Photograph of Longview, Texas railroad workers posing next to Engine Number 154. From left to right, the men pictured are: J. W. Kinney, Switchman; Dee Moore, Longview Switch Engine; B. C. Todd, Sr., Fireman; W. J. Padon, Engineer; and Joe Still, Engine Foreman.
[Railroads in Longview]
Photograph of two railroad workers posing next to a train in Longview, Texas.
[Young Men of Longview]
Photograph of a young men standing against a picket fence in Longview, Texas. From left to right, the men pictured are Jerre Turner, Dan Gans, Hardy Cook, Joe Boring and June Bivins.