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[1921 Longview High School Graduating Class]
Photograph of the 1921 graduating class of Longview High School in Longview, Texas. The unidentified students are standing and sitting in front of a brick building. The young girls are wearing white dresses and hats, and they are holding bouquets. The young men are wearing suits and ties.
[Campus Ward School Students]
Photograph of the sixth grade class of Campus Ward School in Longview, Texas. The photograph is mounted on gray cardboard. From left to right, top to bottom, the students pictured are: Top row: unknown, Lucille Morgan, Elva Lou Conyus, unknown, Julia Myrle Morgan. Middle row: unknown, unknown, Clorine Renshaw, Dorothy Earl Watson. Bottom row: Josephine Hopkins, Florine Eddins, Frances Morgan, unknown.
[Fowler Sayres Howard]
Photograph of Fowler Sayres "Buck" Howard, of Longview, Texas, as noted on the back of the photograph. Mr. Howard is wearing a suit, a bow tie, and white gloves.
[A. H. Phillips and Son]
Photograph of A. H. Phillips and Son, a general store that was located in Longview, Texas. Phillips, his sons, as well as an unidentified man are all pictured standing outside of the store. The store sold radios, groceries, and other items.
[King Kong Movie Promotion]
Photograph of a movie promotion for the Rembert Theatre in Longview, Texas. This photograph shows large billboards attached to moving vehicles as they parade through the streets of Longview to promote the new "King Kong" movie, which was released in 1929. There are many people gathered in the streets watching the movie promotion. The photograph is mounted on tan cardboard.
[Longview School Graduation]
Photograph of the 1926 sixth grade graduating class of Longview School in Longview, Texas. The students are standing on the steps outside a brick building. The young women are wearing white, ruffled dresses, and the young men are wearing suits.
[Lorraine Calvin Martin]
Photograph of Lorraine Calvin Martin and Benjamin Franklin Martin, Jr., wife and child of Benjamin Franklin Martin. Both Mrs. Martin and her baby are dressed in white, and Mrs. Martin is wearing a veil. The photograph is mounted on grey cardboard, and it has a handwritten caption at the bottom.
[Manola Ross]
Photograph of Manola Ross of Longview, Texas. Mrs. Ross was the wife of Dr. Howard A. Ross, who was one of Longview's prominent physicians. The photograph is mounted on black cardboard, and there is a decorative gold border surrounding the photograph.