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[Longview Triplets]

Description: Photograph of the first triplets born in Longview, Texas. The triplets were born to the unidentified African American couple in the photograph. Dr. James D. Grant, the only Longview African American physician in 1930, is in the center of the photograph. He delivered the triplets.
Date: 1930~
Creator: Culpepper, Cody

[Mercantile Store]

Description: Photograph of an unidentified mercantile store in Longview, Texas. There is a man and a woman standing inside the store. The man is J. DeWard, as noted on the front of the photograph. There are various different types of goods stacked all throughout the store.
Date: unknown
Creator: Culpepper, Cody

[Railroad Engine 154]

Description: Photograph of Longview, Texas railroad workers posing next to Engine Number 154. From left to right, the men pictured are: J. W. Kinney, Switchman; Dee Moore, Longview Switch Engine; B. C. Todd, Sr., Fireman; W. J. Padon, Engineer; and Joe Still, Engine Foreman.
Date: 1870~
Creator: Culpepper, Cody

[Bish Mathis Typewriting School]

Description: Photograph of the staff of the Bish Mathis Typewriting School in Longview, Texas. Mathis opened the school in 1935 on Green Street, where it remained until 1937. He then moved the school to the Glover Crim Building. From left to right, the staff members pictured are: Top row: Bish Mathis, Don Khoury, John Ben Sheppard, unknown. Bottom row: unknown, Oscar Jones, Josh Moore.
Date: 1950~
Creator: Culpepper, Cody B.

[Culpepper Christmas Card]

Description: Greeting card with a photographic print from the family of Cody and Maud Culpepper of Longview, Texas. The couple are pictured sitting in a horse-drawn car, and there is a colored illustration of a candlestick. The card includes a note that reads: "With the best of Holiday Wishes." It is signed by the couple.
Date: 1908
Creator: Culpepper, Cody B.

East Texas Skyscraper

Description: Photographic postcard of the First National Bank, in Longview, Texas, as noted on the back of the postcard. The building was located at 213 E. Tyler, and it was "the tallest building in Longview, reaching a height of 145 feet."
Date: [1950~]
Creator: Culpepper, Cody B.

[First Christian Church]

Description: Photograph of the First Christian Church in Longview, Texas. The church was established in 1872 by nine resident members of the Old School Southern Presbyterian Church. There are several people walking on the sidewalk around the church. A salon, called Mi Lady Beauty Shoppe, is pictured to the left of the church.
Date: 1906
Creator: Culpepper, Cody B.

[Gans Residence]

Description: Photographic postcard of the family home of Dave Gans of Longview, Texas. There are six unidentified individuals sitting on the large, wrap-around porch, and there is an African American woman standing in the yard.
Date: 1890~
Creator: Culpepper, Cody B.

[James Stephen Hogg]

Description: Photograph of James Stephen Hogg and a fellow employee in Longview, Texas. The couple is pictured inside the first newspaper print shop in Longview, which was founded by Hogg. He later became the first native-born son of Texas to be voted Governor of the State of Texas. There is a decorative foil border framing the photograph.
Date: 1871
Creator: Culpepper, Cody B.

[King Kong Movie Promotion]

Description: Photograph of a movie promotion for the Rembert Theatre in Longview, Texas. This photograph shows large billboards attached to moving vehicles as they parade through the streets of Longview to promote the new "King Kong" movie, which was released in 1929. There are many people gathered in the streets watching the movie promotion. The photograph is mounted on tan cardboard.
Date: 1929
Creator: Culpepper, Cody B.

[Little Texas and Pacific Sunshine Special]

Description: Photographic postcard of the Little Texas and Pacific Sunshine Special train ride at the Longview Amusement Park in Longview, Texas. There are many men, women and children watching as three men gas the train up. J. B. Shores, Director of Public Relations for the Texas and Pacific Railroads, takes a turn at the locomotive controls. Burke Campbell created the Longview Amusement Park in the 1940's.
Date: 1940~
Creator: Culpepper, Cody B.

[Longview Union Station Depot]

Description: Photograph of J. H. Hurst and L. L. Eddins at work at the Longview Union Station Depot in Longview, Texas. Mr. Eddins is seated at a desk to the left of the room, and Mr. Hurst is standing next to him, as noted on the back of the photograph. There is a furnace in the center of the room, and there is a book press on the right side of the room, sitting on top of a desk. This photograph was taken before the depot was moved to its current location at the corner of Mobberly and Cotton streets.
Date: February 1909
Creator: Culpepper, Cody B.

[Mary Whaley]

Description: Photographic postcard of Mrs. Mary Whaley of Longview, Texas. Mary was the wife of Franklin L. Whaley. She is standing next to a large vase filled with two types of lilies.
Date: 1918
Creator: Culpepper, Cody B.

[Western Union]

Description: Photograph of the construction of the Western Union depot in Longview, Texas, which was located at Cotton and Mobberly streets. There are several unidentified men standing in front of the building.
Date: 1931~
Creator: Culpepper, Cody B.

Glover-Crim Building

Description: Illustrated postcard of the Glover-Crim Building in Longview, Texas, as noted on the front of the postcard. There are other businesses surrounding the building (a drug store and a clothing store), and there are four cars parked along the street.
Date: 1941
Creator: Curteich

[Mobberly and Dobbs]

Description: Photographic postcard of H. Mobberly and W. C. Dobbs standing in front of a painted railroad car backdrop. Mr. Mobberly is standing on the left, and Mr. Dobbs is standing on the right.
Date: 1900~
Creator: Electric Post Card Studio

[Robert G. and Evelyn LeTourneau]

Description: Photograph of Robert G. and Evelyn LeTourneau of Longview, Texas. The couple is pictured in front of the old WWII bomber that Mr. LeTourneau purchased to travel to missionary fields all over the world, as well as to oversee plant production and projects all over the United States. The couple is standing with two other unidentified men.
Date: 1954
Creator: Herman's Studio and Camera Center