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[Citizens National Bank]

Description: Photograph of the Everett Building in Longview, Texas. The original Everett Building was constructed in 1910 as the Citizens National Bank and originally housed a number of businesses, including M. L. Cunningham, Lawyer and Notary Public; A. J. Stewart, Dentist; and Drs. Northcutt and Markham, Physicians and Surgeons. It now houses the Gregg County Historical Museum on Fredonia Street.
Date: 1910

[Emancipation Day for the Mules]

Description: Photograph of "Emancipation Day for the Mules" in Longview, Texas, as noted on the trolley banner on the front of the photograph. O. H. Methvin, one of Longview's biggest supporters, emancipated his mules in 1911 to make way for the electric trolley. There are men, women and children gathered in and around one of the trolley cars.
Date: 1911

[First Baptist Church of Longview]

Description: Photograph of the First Baptist Church congregation in Longview, Texas. The men, women and children in the photograph are standing in front of the church, located at the corner of South Fredonia and South Street. They are dressed in suits, hats and dresses. The pastor, Reverend J. E. Hughes, is standing left of center in a long, black coat.
Date: 1910~
Creator: Culpepper, Cody

[Frank Goldstein Store and City Meat Market]

Description: Photograph of the corner of Cotton and Fredonia Streets in Longview, Texas. The Frank Goldstein Store, the City Meat Market, and a furniture store are pictured in the photograph. The Rembert Theatre and the Rembert Building are pictured to the right of the Frank Goldstein Store. There is a crowd of people standing in the street, and a freshly slaughtered cow is being delivered to the meat market.
Date: 1910~

[Frank T. Rembert]

Description: Photographic postcard of Frank T. Rembert, a telegrapher from Copiah County, Mississippi. Mr. Rembert moved to Longview, Texas in 1877. Mr. Rembert is wearing a suit and a hat, and he is sitting in a wicker chair.
Date: 1910~
Creator: Culpepper, Cody

[Gaston Howard]

Description: Photographic postcard of Gaston Howard of Longview, Texas. Howard is pictured wearing his full uniform. The photograph was taken in Paris, France, as noted on the back of the postcard. Howard enlisted as a Private, and came home from the war as a Sergeant.
Date: 1917

[Hallsville High School Graduating Class]

Description: Photograph of the 1910 graduating class of Hallsville High School in Hallsville, Texas. From left to right, top to bottom, the students pictured are: Top row: Grady Hall, Jim Shoults, Sam Hall, Mossie Green, Professor L. K. Smith, Winnie Woodall, Fannie Sisk, Mary Prothro, Josie Rutland, Blakeley Ethridge. Second row: Willie Audrey, Perry Black, Sam Hall, John Nelson, Ollie Hays, Dolly Buchanan, Luna Coleman, Pearl Sisk, Lurlie Morrison, Jessie Quillen, Warren Watson, Fred Averett, John L. Bass, Aubrey Buchanan, George Shuford. Bottom row: Essie Bolding, Minnie Quillen, Bonnie Kate Bell, Madie Price, Florence Black.
Date: 1910

[Kelly Plow Company Truck]

Description: Photograph of a Kelly Plow Company truck in Longview, Texas. The company was founded in 1852 in Jefferson, Texas. G. A. Kelly later brought his company to Longview in 1882. Three employees are pictured standing next to the Kelly Plow Company truck, advertising and selling equipment.
Date: 1910~

[Lawrence Family]

Description: Photograph of Dr. Charles W. Lawrence and his grandson, W. Lawrence Rogers. The family members are riding in a car with their dog, Rastus, near Bodie Park in Longview, Texas. Part of City Hall is visible to the right of the photograph, and the Texas and Pacific Passenger and Freight Depot is pictured on the left side of the photograph. The Confederate Monument is pictured directly behind the car.
Date: 1911~

[Longview Birthday Party]

Description: Photograph of young girls gathered for a birthday party in Longview, Texas. The girls are all wearing dresses and bows in their hair, and there is a dog lying on the ground in front of them. From left to right, top to bottom, the members of the photograph are: Top row: Ruth Florence, Mildred Sparkman, Frances Morgan, Dorothy Earl Watson. Second row: Ruth Sparkman, Katherine Melton, Lucile Morgan, Florine Eddins. Third row: Mary Emily Landers (baby), Josephine Hopkins. Bottom row: Christine Johnson, Katherine Flewellen, Adele Moore.
Date: 1915
Creator: Culpepper, Cody

[Longview Cannibals Baseball Team]

Description: Photographic postcard of the Longview Cannibals Baseball Team in Longview, Texas. The team members are pictured in their uniforms. From left to right, the team members pictured are: R.A. (Bob) McLain, Jose Munden, Perry Bass, Sr., Frank Whitelock, Arthur Buchanan, Will Wellborne, John Hoffman, Tully Spear, unknown, unknown, unknown.
Date: 1910

[Longview High School Football Team]

Description: Photograph of the Longview High School Football Team in Longview, Texas. The team is posing underneath a goal post, and Coach Powledge is sitting in the center of the photograph. From left to right, the team members pictured are: Malcolm Broadfoot, Douglas "Cotton" Moore, "Buck" Howard, John Tyson Smith, Jr., Lorne Dean, Walter "Knott" Garner, Sam Cook, Jack Barr, Archibald Ruff, Russell Smith, Earl D. Smith, Eugene Flewellen, Hardy Rhodes Cook, Louis Henderson, and Ottis Brady.
Date: 1915

[Longview High School Graduating Class]

Description: Photograph of the 1910-1911 graduating class of Longview High School in Longview, Texas. From left to right, top to bottom, the students pictured are: Top row: Lewis Hurst, Frank Brown, Laurence Rogers Preston Allison, Kennard Mottley. Second row: Everett Bussey, Gus Smith, Clarence Oden, Ingram Bruce, Elizabeth Kennard, Nannie Smith, unknown, Maurine Stuart, Trulah Christian, Maud Hart, Rosa Moore, Alice Mae Nicholson. Third row: Russell Hurst, Edwin Booth, Joe Kuntz, Howard Henderson, Rob Roy Stegall. Bottom row: unknown, unknown, June Bivins, Harold Copeland, Ild Berry, Lenore Young, Maggie Lynn Brown, Marie Johnson, Lorena Howe, Sadie Melton, Sally Jarrett, unknown.
Date: 1911

[Longview Race Riot]

Description: Photograph of the Longview Race Riot in Longview, Texas. Local residents piled their personal guns and ammunition on the county courthouse lawn. There are two men in uniform standing next to the guns, and there are many men standing in the background.
Date: 1919

[Longview School Fourth Graders]

Description: Photograph of the fourth grade students at Longview School in Longview, Texas. The unidentified students are pictured with their teacher, Miss Jessie Northcutt, outside of a brick building. Miss Northcutt is standing in the center of the photograph. The photograph is mounted on grey cardboard.
Date: 1911~

[Mary Whaley]

Description: Photographic postcard of Mrs. Mary Whaley of Longview, Texas. Mary was the wife of Franklin L. Whaley. She is standing next to a large vase filled with two types of lilies.
Date: 1918
Creator: Culpepper, Cody B.

[Portrait of Nannie Mae]

Description: Photograph of a young woman named "Mrs. Clem Hammond," as noted on the back of the photograph. She has wavy brown hair, and she is wearing a white dress with dark collar. The photograph is matted in a light brown mat with an embossed floral border.
Date: 1910~