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[Guide: "Young Latino Artists 11, Juventud Desenfrenada" Exhibition]

Description: Guidebook that complements an exhibition that was presented by the Mexic-Arte Museum entitled, "Young Latino Artists 11, Juventud Desenfrenada [Youth Overdrive]". The cover of the guidebook features the title "YLA11" in a triple-lined typeface along with the rest of the title in a rounded uppercase typeface. The title is framed by rounded squares with a different icon in each. The inside cover of the book contains a list of sponsors and contributors along with the dates of the exhibition. The first page reiterates the title and highlights the curator of the exhibition as well as the museum logo. Page three features a "Foreword" introductory passage by the executive director. Pages four through nine details the nature, meaning, and highlights of the exhibition. The rest of the guide primarily consists of profiles of contributing artists. Each artist profile includes the name of the artist as the title, the artist's hometown as a subtitle, a photograph of a highlighted piece of artwork, and a couple of paragraphs of biographical and professional information. There is a "List of Works" at the back of the guidebook along with a list of museum staff and board of directors. The back cover of the guidebook features the logos from sponsors as well as the Mexic-Arte Museum.
Date: 2006

[Book: "Treasures of the Cathedral of Saltillo, Mexico Family Guide"]

Description: Guidebook created as an accompaniment to an exhibit at the Mexic-Arte Museum entitled "Tesoros de la Catedral de Saltillo, Treasures of the Cathedral of Saltillo, Mexico", which ran from October 18 to December 28, 2002. The guidebook contains information on the both the museum and the exhibit, and includes an in-depth description of the historical, cultural, and religious significance of the exhibition. There are also activities such as trivia quizzes and puzzles that are related to the exhibition included in the book.
Date: 2002
Creator: Zamora, Herlinda & Johnston, Margaret

[Guide: The Art of the Cathedral, The Bicentennial of the Saltillo Cathedral, 1801-2001]

Description: Guidebook published in honor of the bicentennial anniversary of the Saltillo Cathedral in Saltillo, Mexico. There are several colorful pictures along with historical information in the book. There are two introductions at the beginning of the book by Raúl Vera López, who is the Bishop of the Saltillo Cathedral, and Javier Villarreal Lozano, who is the director. There is a separate letter typed in Spanish at the back of the book that was written by the Governor of the State of Coahuila.
Date: 2002

[Book: Festival Cinco de Mayo]

Description: Book of community events and advertisements relevant to the Austin, Texas area. In the center, there is a schedule of events in celebration of Cinco de Mayo. Some advertisements in the book mention local law firms or services, and others are for political positions.
Date: 1988