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[Conference in Los Angeles]

Description: Photograph of three rows of people at the Open Dialogue Association of American Cultures in Los Angeles, California. The people in the first row are kneeling or sitting on the floor, the second row are sitting in chairs and the third row are standing.
Date: 1988

[Man in Mask Sitting in a Car]

Description: Photograph of a man sitting in a white car with a mask. The mask is sticking out of the car and partially covering the man's face. The mask has a white face with black markings, large blue feathers fanning out at the top and a few feathers coming out of the chin like a beard.
Date: 1986

[Man Standing on the Hood of a Car]

Description: Photograph of a man with his face painted as a sugar skull standing on the hood of fancifully painted car. There is a woman sitting on the same hood. There is also a man in the background with his face painted like a sugar skull and a skeleton cut out hanging from the collar of his shirt.
Date: 1986

[Two People in Day of the Dead Costumes]

Description: Photograph of two girls in Day of the Dead dresses. The girl on the right is in a multicolored dress. She has a red shawl over her shoulders, a white top and the bell of her dress is green with a large pattern. She also has a sombrero on and her face is painted as a sugar skull. The girl on the left is wearing a white dress, mask and veil. In the background, there are artworks hanging on the wall.
Date: 1986

[Two People in Costume and Sugar Skull Make Up]

Description: Photograph of a man and woman in vintage-style clothing. The man is on the left and the woman on the right. She is wearing a black dress, a pearl necklace and a black head piece. He is wearing a grey suit, gold wallet chains, and a white hat. Both have their faces painted to look like sugar skulls. They are posing in front of a cemetery.
Date: 1985

[Sculpture by Jose Luis]

Description: Photograph of a sculpture by Jose Luis that is set up for an art exhibition. Artworks can be seen in the background hanging on the wall. The sculpture appears to be an abstract interpretation of the human body. A face can clearly be seen on the top of the piece.
Date: 1986
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[People in Día de los Muertos Themed Costumes]

Description: Photograph of a male and female model in Day of the Dead themed costumes. The woman is on the left and is in a black lace gown with a white flower in her hair and her face made to look like a sugar skull. She is also holding a small fake skull in her hand in front of the man. He is wearing a traditional Mexican outfit and a large black sombrero.
Date: 1986