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["The Grand Canyon" in Cajon Pass]

Description: Photograph taken in the summer of 1951. "The Grand Canyon" Santa Fe No. #3775, a 3765 Class Northern, is eastbound roaring through Cajon Pass while a freight train waits on the side. The cantilever signal was very common when the photo was taken, but now have been mostly replaced.
Date: 1951

[Pennsy's Horseshoe Curve]

Description: This photograph depicts the most famous stretch of railroad main line in the world as it appeared in the autumn of 1951- the Pennsy's Horseshoe Curve, located in Kittanning Gap in Pennsylvania. In this scene a Pennsylvania K4s locomotive acts as a "helper" on the head-end of a diesel powered train.
Date: 1951

[Pennsy's Horseshoe Curve]

Description: Photograph of a train passing between mountains near a lake. Characterized as one of the most fantastic scenes on any railroad - this is the Pennsylvania's Horseshoe Curve shortly after sunrise on a spring morning in 1954. This was the centennial year of Horse Shoe Curve, which was built in 1854. The Mountain in the background in the center of the Curve is Kittaning Mountain.
Date: 1954

[Blizzard in the Chicago Station]

Description: One of the most unique of all railroad photographs: It is a January night in 1958 and a blizzard-snowstorm rages in the "Windy City". This scene is in the yards - the Chicago and North Western Railway's Chicago passenger station is visible in the background. Observe the gas jets which are keeping switches from being frozen.
Date: January 1958

["Sunbeam" train leaving Dallas]

Description: In an era of rapid transit in Texas the Southern Pacific's advertisements cited the "Sunbeam" trains - modern streamliners - as the apex in luxury and speed between Dallas and Houston - an elapsed time of four hours and twenty-five minutes. This view portrays the "Sunbeam" train No. 14 southbound headed by Engine No. 651 - a streamlined Pacific type 4-6-2 locomotive - rolling out of Dallas Union Station, enroute to Houston on the afternoon of October 5, 1952.
Date: October 5, 1952
Creator: Plummer, Roger S.

["Sunbeam" departing from Houston]

Description: This scene depicts Southern Pacific's Grand Central Station in Houston as it appeared in the last days , the "end of the age of steam". The Southern Pacific's "Sunbeam" train No. 13 northbound headed by Engine No. 650 - a streamlined Pacific type 4-6-2 locomotive - departs from the terminal on its run to Dallas at 4:45 PM on August 9, 1953.
Date: August 9, 1953
Creator: Plummer, Roger S.

[The "Hustler" entering Dallas]

Description: Southern Pacific's the "Hustler" train No. 15 northbound, headed by Engine No.650, a streamlined type 4-6-2 locomotive, entering Dallas Union Station on its run from Houston. The train is passing under the electric street railway viaduct (destroyed in the late 1950s) which spanned the railroad tracks and crossed over the Trinity River. Electric street cars to and from Oak Cliff and Interurban cars of the Northern Texas Traction Company and Texas Electric Railway used this double track facility.
Date: 1951~
Creator: Plummer, Roger S.

[Southern Pacific train passing through Dallas]

Description: Observe this rare specimen of steam motive power: Southern Pacific's Engine 741, a Mikado, type 2-8-2 locomotive, Train No. 155, heading a passenger train of two cars passing through Belt Junction in Dallas on June 22, 1952. Train 155 was a mixed freight and passenger train from Beaumont, Texas, which having dropped off its freight cars at Fox siding, out of sight just behind the coach, will continue to Union Terminal to deliver its passengers and express. The freight cars left at Fox would then be picked up by the Miller Yard switch engine and sorted for delivery in the yard. Engine 741 was one of fifty-seven of the Mk-5 class engines normally assigned to the train when it ran heavy.
Date: June 22, 1952
Creator: Plummer, Roger S.

["The Sunbeam" at Dallas Union Terminal]

Description: Southern Pacific Railroad's "The Sunbeam" engine No. 650, a type 4-6-2 locomotive, at Dallas Union Terminal in 1950. Streamlined steam locomotive No.650 has been serviced and coupled to its train. When the number 13 is placed into its train indicator atop the boiler it will be ready to depart "On the Advertised" at 5:00PM as The Sunbeam.
Date: 1950
Creator: Plummer, Roger S.