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[Chicago and Western Indiana Railroad's coach yard]

Description: Aerial view of the Chicago and Western Indiana Railroad's fabulous 51st Street coach yard and facilities in Chicago. At this time the destruction of the nation's great network of rail passenger service was only about two years away.
Date: 1966~
Item Type: Photograph

[Mighty Engine No. 1361 of the Pennsylvania Railroad]

Description: Pennsylvania Railroad's mighty and versatile Engine No. 1361, a K4s Pacific type 4-6-2 locomotive, was one of the earliest built in the shops at Altoona, Pennsylvania. This locomotive was placed in service May 18, 1918 and hauled passenger trains on the main line between New York, Harrisburg, and Pittsburgh over a period of thirty-five years. It rolled up a total of 2,469,000 miles before retirement. It now reposes at the famous Horseshoe Curve as a permanent monument.
Date: 1960~
Item Type: Photograph

[Union Station in Dallas]

Description: One of the nation's finest railroad terminals: Dallas Union Station which is served by the National Railroad Passenger Corporation, known as Amtrak, and soon to be served by commuter trains, operating between Dallas - Fort Worth and other North Texas points. The station is owned by the City of Dallas and represents an investment and modernization aggregating fifteen million dollars.
Date: September 1968
Creator: Freeman, G. Robert
Item Type: Photograph

["The Grand Canyon" traverses Raton Pass]

Description: Santa Fe's "The Grand Canyon", headed by nine GM Diesel Units, 18,000 horsepower, with a consist of twenty-three cars traverses Raton Pass in Mew Mexico on September 17, 1960.
Date: September 17, 1960
Creator: Plummer, Roger S.
Item Type: Photograph

["Super Chief" in Colorado]

Description: Santa Fe's "Super Chief" daily all-Pullman streamliner operating between Chicago and Los Angeles, ascends the steep grades near the old Dick Wootton Ranch at Wootton, Colorado.
Date: 1960
Creator: Meitz, Frank
Item Type: Photograph

[Train on the Old Mexican Railway]

Description: The daylight train No. 51, eastbound, traverses a trestle on the Old Mexican Railway, over the electrified division between Esperanza and Paso del Macho, enroute from Mexico City to Veracruz in August 1964.
Date: 1964
Item Type: Photograph

[Private Rail car at Jalapa, Mexico]

Description: Division Superintendent's private car at Jalapa, Mexico,on the National railways of Mexico's line extending from Veracruz to Mexico City. August 1964. This was formerly the Old Interoceanic Railway, a 3-foot gauge railroad, which was converted to standard gauge in 1948.
Date: August 1964
Item Type: Photograph

[Electro-liner in the Roosevelt Road Yard]

Description: A famous name train which operated for many years between Chicago and Milwaukee, the North Shore Line's "Electro-liner" stands on elevated railway track in the Roosevelt Road Yard, Chicago on January 18, 1963.
Date: January 18, 1963
Item Type: Photograph

[Six Tracks of the Chicago Union Station]

Description: Six tracks south of the Chicago Union Station were busy on this autumn day in 1963. Burlington commuter train (center) backs into the station. The Morning Zephyr is pulled by a switcher on its way to be washed, turned and cleaned for its return run to the Twin Cities as the Afternoon Zephyr. Pennsylvania's The General is departing for New York and the Broadway Limited, which has just arrived from the East, is backing into the terminal.
Date: 1963
Item Type: Photograph

[Chicago Union Station]

Description: Early morning commuters from Chicago Union Station cross the Jackson Street bridge. In the background is the office portion which contains the Station's main waiting room.
Date: 1965
Item Type: Photograph

["California Zephyr" leaving Chicago]

Description: Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad's "California Zephyr", one of the nation's greatest trains, is leaving Chicago for the Pacific Coast, making a cross-over on the main line tracks south of the Chicago's Union Station in October 1963.
Date: October 1963
Item Type: Photograph

[Chicago Union Station - South Side]

Description: South side of the Chicago Union Station which is used by passenger trains of the Penn Central, Burlington Northern and Gulf, Mobile & Ohio Railroads. The north side of this station is used by trains of the Milwaukee Road.
Date: May 16, 1969
Item Type: Photograph

[Engine 183 above the Toltec Gorge]

Description: Rio Grande's engine No. 483 exits from Toltec Tunnel No. 2 on narrow gauge rails between Alamosa and Durango, Colorado. This is above Toltec Gorge with the Garfield Monument located about 100 feet west of the tunnel portal. Rocky cliffs are to the left of the track and a railing is to the right.
Date: 1960~
Item Type: Photograph

["The Washingtonian" rolling through eastern Canada]

Description: "The Washingtonian" train No. 20 southbound, rolls through the Canadian countryside east of Montreal on the first portion of its route via Canadian National, Vermont, Maine, Boston, New Haven and Pennsylvania rails to Washington D.C.
Date: 1960~
Item Type: Photograph