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["Colorado Special" rolls through the Texas panhandle]

Description: Forth Worth and Denver Railway's "Colorado Special" train No. 1, northbound, headed by Engine No. 553, a Pacific type 4-6-2 locomotive, with a consist of eleven cars, rolls through the Texas Panhandle High Plains enroute from Dallas to Denver.
Date: 1929~
Item Type: Photograph

["Texas Zephyr" dining car]

Description: Interior view of the dining car in the consist of Fort Worth and Denver (Burlington) Railway's "Texas Zephyr" which made the run between Dallas and Denver in about seventeen hours, a rail distance of 834 miles.
Date: 1953~
Creator: Plummer, R.S.
Item Type: Photograph

[Train pulling into Monterrey Station]

Description: Monterrey's Union station in the "Glory Days of Steam" January 1920. In this era, it was one of the finest railroad passenger depots in Mexico. This station had ten stub-end tracks. There were sixteen through passenger trains daily, inbound and outbound. In addition, there were trains originating at Monterrey, such as those to Matamoros, Nuevo Laredo, Realta, Saltillo and Tampico. The track in the foreground was a portion of Monterrey's electric street railway system. The paralleling track in the background was the main line of the National Railways of Mexico coming into Monterrey from Tampico.
Date: January 1920
Item Type: Photograph

[Train at Avalos station in Mexico]

Description: Coahuila and Zacatecas Railroad train No. 11, westbound, headed by a type 2-6-0 locomotive, at Avalos on January 1, 1961. This runs in a 3 foot narrow gauge railroad.
Date: January 1, 1961
Creator: Richardson, R.W.
Item Type: Photograph

[Clovis, New Mexico depot]

Description: For many years this depot at Clovis, New Mexico was one of the busiest passenger terminals on Santa Fe rails, circa 1960. This was the junction point for passenger trains operating to and from the Texas cities of Dallas, Fort Worth and Houston; also, for the mainline trains operating via Amarillo to and from Chicago and the West Coast.
Date: 1960~
Item Type: Photograph

[Esperanza Station]

Description: Esperanza Station on the Old Mexican Railway, formerly the "Queen's Own" in August 1964. Photographed from the rear-end of passenger train No. 51, eastbound, enroute from Mexico City to Veracruz. This 269-mile line is one of the great scenic routes in the Republic of Mexico.
Date: August 1964
Creator: Monaghan, M.D.
Item Type: Photograph

[Old Pennsylvania Station in New York City]

Description: Photograph of one of the world's greatest railroad terminals, the Old Pennsylvania Station on New York, NY seen here on July 1960. Although transformed above the ground-level by construction of the Madison Square Garden, which was completed in December 1969, this terminal continues to provide efficient service to commuters and passengers who use the trains.
Date: 1960
Item Type: Photograph

[San Antonio depot]

Description: Missouri - Kansas - texas Railroad's beautiful Spanish Mission style depot in the "Alamo City" in May 1962. This was the San Antonio home of the KATY's famous trains, the "Texas Special", "The Bluebonnet" and "The Katy Flyer"
Date: May 1962
Creator: Monaghan, M.D.
Item Type: Photograph

[Chicago Union Station]

Description: One of the nation's great railroad passenger terminals, the Chicago Union Station on July 13, 1969.
Date: July 13, 1969
Creator: Hanlon, Pat
Item Type: Photograph

["Panama Limited" stands at New Orleans terminal]

Description: Illinois Central Railroad's "Panama Limited" train No. 6, northbound, stands in the New Orleans' Union Passenger Terminal awaiting the hour of departure on its overnight run to Chicago on May 25, 1969.
Date: May 25, 1969
Creator: Hanlon, Pat
Item Type: Photograph

[Rails at Jamaica Station]

Description: Long Island Rail Road's Jamaica Station, looking west toward New York, October 21, 1970. Passenger trains run through this station on an average of one every thirty seconds during peak periods of commuter travel. This is one of the world's busiest rail terminals. Note the outside paralleling third rail beside the respective tracks which provides electrical energy. Trains are powered from 650-volt Direct Current. Two-thirds of all passenger trains on the Long Island Rail Road operate in electrified territory.
Date: unknown
Item Type: Photograph

[Union Station in Washington D.C.]

Description: This massive structure is the Union Station in Washington D.C. on July 25, 1969. This terminal has a total of thirty tracks, of which nine are through tracks and twenty-one are stub end. A portion of the station's tracks are electrified by the overhead catenary system thereby Permitting Penn Central's GG1 Electric Locomotives heading passenger trains, the "Metroliners", and electric powered multiple unit commuter trains to serve the terminal.
Date: July 25, 1969
Creator: Hanlon, Pat
Item Type: Photograph

[South Station in Boston]

Description: South Station in Boston, June 1930. At this date the large train shed was being removed as part of the overall modernization of the station. Platform canopies were the replacement. This large terminal had twenty stub end tracks. In the background a steamship is moored at the wharf and in the foreground are the tracks and depot of the Boston Elevated Railway.
Date: June 1930
Item Type: Photograph