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[GG1 Electric Locomotive]

Description: Pensy's famous GG1 electric locomotive, number 4868, heads passenger train on the electrified division, circa 1959. This type of locomotive has a capability of pulling a consist of 17 to 22 streamlined cars at speeds up to 90 miles per hour.
Date: 1959~

[New York Central Locomotive]

Description: New York Central's Electric locomotive No. 341, the type used on the head-end of passenger trains, awaits its next run over the electrified main line from Croton-Hampton to Grand Central Station, circa 1959. This rail distance is 32.7 miles. The railroad is also electrified to North White Plains on the Harlem Division, a distance of 24 miles.
Date: 1959~

[Steam locomotive in Durango, Colorado]

Description: Photograph of the Denver and Rio Grande Western's engine No. 473, stopped at Durango, Colorado. Two men are standing in front of the train and appear to be inspecting one of the cars. Mountains are visible in the background and there is snow on the ground. This engine is a Mikado type 2-8-2 locomotive, which headed passenger trains on narrow gauge rails between Alamosa and Durango and also on the Durango-Silverton line.
Date: 1959~

[Blizzard in the Chicago Station]

Description: One of the most unique of all railroad photographs: It is a January night in 1958 and a blizzard-snowstorm rages in the "Windy City". This scene is in the yards - the Chicago and North Western Railway's Chicago passenger station is visible in the background. Observe the gas jets which are keeping switches from being frozen.
Date: January 1958

["Hiawatha" Luxury Train]

Description: Among the greatest luxury passenger trains operated in this nation were the Milwaukee Road's "Morning" and "Afternoon" Hiawathas, providing convenient and fast service between Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Minneapolis. In this scene, a Hiawatha speeds over the route.
Date: 1958

[Observation Car on the Hiawatha]

Description: Interior view of the Milwaukee Road's observation parlor car with sky-top lounge having a 90% transparent area dome that forms an aero-dynamic terminating shape for the end of the train. This scene is aboard the "Afternoon Hiawatha", train No. 2 southbound, enroute from Minneapolis to Chicago.
Date: 1958