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[Chicago Union Station - South Side]

Description: South side of the Chicago Union Station which is used by passenger trains of the Penn Central, Burlington Northern and Gulf, Mobile & Ohio Railroads. The north side of this station is used by trains of the Milwaukee Road.
Date: May 16, 1969
Item Type: Photograph

[Union Station in Dallas]

Description: One of the nation's finest railroad terminals: Dallas Union Station which is served by the National Railroad Passenger Corporation, known as Amtrak, and soon to be served by commuter trains, operating between Dallas - Fort Worth and other North Texas points. The station is owned by the City of Dallas and represents an investment and modernization aggregating fifteen million dollars.
Date: September 1968
Creator: Freeman, G. Robert
Item Type: Photograph

["Autovias" train in Mexican mountains]

Description: Chihuahua - Pacific Railway's "Autovias" train, consisting of fiat diesel cars coming out of one of the 73 tunnels which are located on the line between La Junta and El Fuerte, Mexico on the 281 mile portion of the route traversing the mountain region over the Continental Divide around 1968.
Date: 1968
Item Type: Photograph

[Turntable at San Lazaro engine terminal]

Description: Locomotive No. 67 a consolidation type 2-8-0 rides the turntable in the San Lazaro engine terminal enroute from its roundhouse stall to servicing tracks. The "F.C. I." abbreviation on the tender is Ferro-carril Cuautla Y Ixtla" (Cuauta and Ixtla Railroad). In yesteryears this locomotive ran only on this 50-mile branch line. Soon it will head the National Railways of Mexico's narrow gauge passenger consist on the main line run from Mexico City via Cuauta to Puebla. This 3-foot gauge railroad system is one of the oldest in the Republic. It traverses one of the most picturesque routes in Mexico. June 1967.
Date: June 1967
Creator: Peterson, Roland B.
Item Type: Photograph

[Chicago and Western Indiana Railroad's coach yard]

Description: Aerial view of the Chicago and Western Indiana Railroad's fabulous 51st Street coach yard and facilities in Chicago. At this time the destruction of the nation's great network of rail passenger service was only about two years away.
Date: 1966~
Item Type: Photograph

[Chicago Union Station]

Description: Early morning commuters from Chicago Union Station cross the Jackson Street bridge. In the background is the office portion which contains the Station's main waiting room.
Date: 1965
Item Type: Photograph

[Manitou and Pike's Peak Railway]

Description: Passenger train on the Manitou and Pike's Peak Railway headed by engine No. 3, a Baldwin Vauclain compound 0-4-2T steam locomotive, with coach No. 104, traverses the Cog Wheel Route in the summer of 1965.
Date: 1965
Item Type: Photograph

[Passenger train crossing the Chinipas Bridge]

Description: Chihuahua - Pacific Railway's transcontinental passenger train crossing one of 28 major bridges on the line between Chihuahua City and San Blas in Mexico. This is the Chinipas bridge, which is the highest, located at Kilometer 748. The height is 334.7 feet and the length is 958 feet. Circa 1965.
Date: 1965~
Item Type: Photograph


Description: Menu from the automated restaurant on wheels in the consist of the New York Central Railroad's "World Fair Special" train No. 40, eastbound, enroute from Buffalo to New York, September 1964.
Date: September 1964
Item Type: Photograph

[Esperanza Station]

Description: Esperanza Station on the Old Mexican Railway, formerly the "Queen's Own" in August 1964. Photographed from the rear-end of passenger train No. 51, eastbound, enroute from Mexico City to Veracruz. This 269-mile line is one of the great scenic routes in the Republic of Mexico.
Date: August 1964
Creator: Monaghan, M.D.
Item Type: Photograph

[Private Rail car at Jalapa, Mexico]

Description: Division Superintendent's private car at Jalapa, Mexico,on the National railways of Mexico's line extending from Veracruz to Mexico City. August 1964. This was formerly the Old Interoceanic Railway, a 3-foot gauge railroad, which was converted to standard gauge in 1948.
Date: August 1964
Item Type: Photograph

["The Chief" in California]

Description: Photograph of Santa Fe's "The Chief" passing "Sullivan's Curve" in rugged Cajon Pass, California, June 1964.
Date: June 1964
Creator: Meitz, Frank
Item Type: Photograph

[Train on the Old Mexican Railway]

Description: The daylight train No. 51, eastbound, traverses a trestle on the Old Mexican Railway, over the electrified division between Esperanza and Paso del Macho, enroute from Mexico City to Veracruz in August 1964.
Date: 1964
Item Type: Photograph

["California Zephyr" leaving Chicago]

Description: Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad's "California Zephyr", one of the nation's greatest trains, is leaving Chicago for the Pacific Coast, making a cross-over on the main line tracks south of the Chicago's Union Station in October 1963.
Date: October 1963
Item Type: Photograph

[Electro-liner in the Roosevelt Road Yard]

Description: A famous name train which operated for many years between Chicago and Milwaukee, the North Shore Line's "Electro-liner" stands on elevated railway track in the Roosevelt Road Yard, Chicago on January 18, 1963.
Date: January 18, 1963
Item Type: Photograph