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[Two trains in Alamosa, Colorado]

Description: A contrast in Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad's steam and motive power --- "the San Juan" train No. 215 headed by engine No. 472, a Mikado type 2-8-2 awaits departure signal for its scheduled run over narrow gauge rails to Durango, Colorado. Next to it is passenger train Mo. 15, headed by engine No. 1703, a Mountain type 4-8-2, arriving in Alamose from Denver.
Date: 1943~

[Train at Concepcion del Oro]

Description: Coahuila and Zacatecas Railroad's Engine No. 7 has taken a long drink an a summer afternoon at the water tank located in the yards at Concepcion del Oro, preparing to head an ore consist. This was a mining town for many years where ore trains departed on frequent schedules for the Mazapil Smelter at saltillo, Mexico.
Date: February 23, 1960

["Texas Chief" in Oklahoma]

Description: Winding through the rugged countryside near Washita Canyon in Oklahoma, the Santa Fe's "Texas Chief" powered by four diesel units and a consist of eleven cars, rolls southward towards Fort Worth, Dallas, Houston, and Galveston, Texas, circa 1956.
Date: 1956

[Engine 183 above the Toltec Gorge]

Description: Rio Grande's engine No. 483 exits from Toltec Tunnel No. 2 on narrow gauge rails between Alamosa and Durango, Colorado. This is above Toltec Gorge with the Garfield Monument located about 100 feet west of the tunnel portal. Rocky cliffs are to the left of the track and a railing is to the right.
Date: 1960~

[Steam locomotive in Durango, Colorado]

Description: Photograph of the Denver and Rio Grande Western's engine No. 473, stopped at Durango, Colorado. Two men are standing in front of the train and appear to be inspecting one of the cars. Mountains are visible in the background and there is snow on the ground. This engine is a Mikado type 2-8-2 locomotive, which headed passenger trains on narrow gauge rails between Alamosa and Durango and also on the Durango-Silverton line.
Date: 1959~

[The "Powatan Arrow" passing the "Jawn Henry"]

Description: Norfolk and Western Railway's the "Powhatan Arrow" headed by streamlined engine No. 605, a Class J Northern type 4-8-4 locomotive, passing engine No. 2300, the "Jawn Henry." The Jawn Henry was a one-of-a-kind experimental coal turbine electric that had a water tube boiler. It was rated at 4500 horsepower at 8000 rpm. It was built by Baldwin Locomotive Works in May 1954 and left the N&W roster on January 4, 1958.
Date: 1955~